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13734Re: Red River Campaign

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  • Dave Smith
    Sep 10, 2002
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      --- In civilwarwest@y..., "wh_keene" <wh_keene@y...> wrote:
      > Carl--"...there always seemed to be something unsound somewhere
      > militarily in Banks' operations...there Banks got his troops
      > slaughtered."
      > Banks was not the only general of which this two thinks could be
      > > ...Defending Banks can be a bit tricky methinks.
      > Don't get me wrong--I am not trying to claim that Banks was a major
      > league talent. I just feel that people are too quick to call label
      > him a failure, particulalry when the war was full of questionable
      > talents. Take for example Madelon's comment that "Natty Banks had
      > NO
      > military skills whatsoever". I disagree. She also added "...not
      > when he was losing all the Union stores in the northern Shenandoah
      > Valley...". You would probably loose those stores to if Stonewall
      > Jackson outnumbered you by more than 2 to 1.

      Put another way - getting out-generaled by Stonewall Jackson, given
      our hindsight knowledge - is something that happened to a lot of
      generals. And while no one likes to lose, at least it wasn't to
      someone like John Floyd ...


      Dave Smith
      Villa Hills, KY
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