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13672Re: Price & MO supply line

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  • hartshje
    Aug 29, 2002
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      --- In civilwarwest@y..., "Jack Hultquist" <jahultqu@a...> wrote:
      > Having visited with the people in SW Missouri it is apparent to me
      that in the early part of the CW Price did not have to have a supply
      line other than for some types of ammunition. Many people in that
      area would have been more than willing to support and supply him and
      they probably did. Again this is an opinion, but one based on
      observation. Does anybody from MO have a comment?
      > About six years ago at the August 16th, Lone Jack, Missouri
      celebration they laid wreaths on the large cemetery markers for the
      Union and Rebels soldiers. The Union wreath was laid first and about
      10% of the people intently watched and listened and the other 90%
      were very respectful. But 90% of the people intently watched and
      listened as the wreath was laid on the Confederate marker. My friend
      dressed in a Union CW uniform and I walked up behind the crowd of 100
      to watch the wreath laying. After the Rebel wreath and the seven gun
      salute the crowd of 100 people dispersed. The older man standing in
      front of us turned to leave and noticed my friend in the Union
      uniform. He with a friendly smile, looked at my friend and said "I
      knew they had to be shootin' at somebody".
      > (Lone Jack is about 30 miles SE of Kansas City and 30 miles SW of
      Lexington, MO.)
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