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  • slippymississippi
    Aug 1, 2002
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      Another website on the "Peace Society:"


      In early December 1863, the dubious quality of the recruits in the
      brigade's infantry regiments came back to haunt CLANTON, and
      permanently changed the mission of all regiments in the brigade. 60
      of 300 men - nearly all from the two infantry regiments - laid down
      their arms while on picket duty near Gonzales (about 15 miles from
      Pensacola), and refused to fight as part of an orchestrated plan by
      the 'Peace Society', a secret organization with special identifying
      handshakes and signals. The so-called 'Peace Men' had earlier roots
      among officers and enlisted men in units of BRAGG's Army of
      Tennessee, especially in East Tennessee. CLANTON addressed the
      problem swiftly and decisively. The military courts that tried the
      mutineers completely vindicated CLANTON, and the cavalry regiments do
      not appear to have been involved. However, the reputation of the
      entire brigade among senior C.S.A. officers was permanently stained,
      and all regiments remained suspect as to their reliability despite
      their subsequent peformance on the battlefield. The regimental
      elements of the brigade seldom fought together as a unified command -
      they were quickly dispersed to 'temporary' assignments in other
      commands away from the home territory that had been their original
      mission and reason for existence.
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