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13278Re: Personal Story Relating to Free State of Jones

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  • dmsmith001
    Aug 1, 2002

      Have you read the new book out on the Free State of Jones?


      --- In civilwarwest@y..., "slippymississippi"
      <slippymississippi@y...> wrote:
      > I have a friend whose oral family history includes a tale of his
      > grandfather, a man up in years, who tried to stay out of
      that "damned
      > Confederate War" but was conscripted into the 6th Mississippi
      > Infantry. He joined the unit, got in a couple of scrapes, then
      > showed up back at the house in early 1863 in time for planting
      > season. Early the next year, two guys showed up at the door and
      > asked to see him in private. Minutes later, a gunshot rang out
      > down the road and he was never seen from again.
      > Out of curiosity, I looked up his service record and regimental
      > history. His history closely parallels that of Newt Knight, leader
      > of the Free State of Jones. He was conscripted in 1862. He
      > after passage of the "20 Negro Law," got captured and sent back to
      > his unit, and escaped again just before the Vicksburg Campaign.
      > In early 1864, Grant and Sherman's destruction in central
      > had left much of the area in chaos and open rebellion against the
      > Confederate government. The 6th Mississippi Infantry Regiment (my
      > friend's GGG-Grandfather's own regiment) was dispatched to Raleigh
      > a summary execution squad tasked with hunting down and destroying
      > rebels of the Free State of Jones. So it appears that my friend's
      > GGG-Grandfather was summarily executed by friends and neighbors
      > his own regiment as part of the sweep to eliminate the insurgency
      > central Mississippi.
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