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12356Re: [civilwarwest] Re: aot1952 - Stones River Question

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  • andyburden@aol.com
    Jul 1 6:39 AM
      IIRC, the interpretive sign at McFadden's ford claims that 1400 CSA troops
      fell there. Don't have my books close at hand, but surely more than 1200 men
      were in Breck's division. Perhaps Cozzens was referring to the Orphans?

      In a message dated 6/30/02 3:16:25 PM Central Daylight Time,
      lilsteve68@... writes:

      << In Peter Cozzens - No better place to die "the battle of stones River" he
      states nearly one third of the twelve hundred engaged on the Jan 2nd
      failed to return ..

      Which leaves the remaining loses of the 1332 to go to the losses on the
      in which Adams, Palmer and Preston brigades out of Breckinridges Divison
      participated in.. >>
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