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12355Re: [civilwarwest] Re: aot1952 - Stones River Question

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  • andyburden@aol.com
    Jul 1, 2002
      Interesting nos. Perhaps the manner in which Breck's casualties were
      incurred (Mendenhall's massed batteries) has contributed to the belief that
      Jan. 2 was the fiercest action of the battle. 50-odd cannon all in one place
      and firing at the same targets was probably a very impressive sight. I
      suspect that most (non-primary source) accounts of Dec. 31 aren't doing
      justice to the ferocity of that day.

      In a message dated 6/30/02 1:59:41 PM Central Daylight Time,
      wakefield1952@... writes:

      << The source that I would suggest is the ORs which give Breckenridges
      January 2, 1863 total losses as 1332. Breckenridge's return for the
      Morning of December 31, 1862 (before the battle began) stated his
      divisions' total strength as 6824. Thus making the divisions' January
      2nd losses as 19.5%.
      Comparatively Cleburne's strength was 6124 and his losses for the
      battle (almost all of which occurred on Dec.31) are reported as 2066.
      For a percentage loss of 33.7%.
      Cheatham's comparable division numbers were 5859 strength and 1939
      losses for a percentage of 33%.
      I certainly do not wish to minimize what certainly was a very bloody
      day for Breckenridge's Division on January 2,1863 but these numbers
      do 'suggest' to me that maybe there is more of a story, than what we
      are generally told. >>
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