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11566Re: [civilwarwest] Re: / paroling and exchanging (was: THE BATTLE OF VICKSBURG

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  • Jfepperson@aol.com
    Jun 3, 2002
      In a message dated 6/3/02 10:39:32 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
      carlw4514@... writes:

      > Thanks, that is the first time someone ever explained the math to me that
      > made any sense.

      Hey, I used to teach calculus for a living...

      > I wonder, though, if the decision was really made on the basis of such
      > advantage in the face of such woefull consequences.

      No, the decision was made on the basis of perceived cheating by the
      other side. And the slimness of the advantage is only due to the specific
      numbers I used.

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