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11559Re: [civilwarwest] Re: / paroling and exchanging (was: THE BATTLE OF VICKSBURG

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  • fishx111@cs.com
    Jun 3, 2002

      As a monday morning quarterback ,it certainally would have been more
      humanitarian, to have made POW exchanges. Certainally the POW camps were not
      adequate,and with a little more foresight and planning conditions could have
      been a lot better than they were.There was no excuse for some of the
      conditions,ie Rock Island, ElmiraNY, Andersonville.

      I think at first the consensus was the war would be over in weeks or
      months,not years.That being the case, there was no need to have adequate
      Camps for that short of time frame.

      Neither side should feel good about their POW camps.

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