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  • theme_music
    Jun 1, 2002
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      --- In civilwarwest@y..., "hartshje" <Hartshje@a...> wrote:
      > Well Eric, I think you're right about the Union cannonading
      > out the sounds of Johnston's attack. And you are also probably
      > about the lack of cohesion and coordination that would have
      > on the Confederate side, as well as Grant's stubborness. So in all
      > liklihood, an escape by Pemberton seems to be the most the South
      > could hope for. So if Grant captures Vicksburg five weeks earlier,
      > and Johnston & Pemberton unite with over 60,000 men at Jackson,
      > happens next?

      Darn good question. Probably too complicated for my feeble mind,
      after all at this point, we have to involve people like Halleck and
      Jeff Davis in the counterfactual process, and frankly, I don't know
      how to think like them!

      Well, Pemberton's losses must be considered, he would probably lose a
      lot of men, equippage and transportation in the evac, plus all the
      heavy artillery.

      Grant already has re-inforcements en route, he would probably propose
      a move on Jackson ASAP. But the exact timing of events is critical.
      Washington probably would re-call some of the troops in response to
      Lee's northward incursion that June. One scenario, is that some of
      Grant's strength is pulled back East, and, likewise Johnston's forces
      are pulled back east. I don't think they can accomplish much in
      Mississippi, and Lee, with Vicksburg already fallen, might clamor for
      them. Is there any point to trying to re-take Vicksburg even with
      60,000 men? The river is already gone forever.

      Let me ponder some more, but what do you think?

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