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11490Re: [civilwarwest] Re: THE BATTLE OF VICKSBURG

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  • Carl Williams
    Jun 1, 2002
      It all depends on what the Union war planners decide
      should be their next move. It could be that they move
      to the Chattanooga area, perhaps in response to Bragg
      being rapidly reinforced there from those
      now-not-captured Vicksburg forces. It is right to
      sacrifice 5 weeks for something in the neighborhood of
      20 to 30 thousand troops. I find myself perhaps
      disagreeing with the redoubtable Dave Smith on this,
      who I have understood to assert that the Union would
      pursue another overland campaign into the area, one
      with little strategic value and a lot of potential for
      failure. Of course, I can't speak for Dave and I may
      have misunderstood.
      -The most favorable outcome for the South would have
      depended on preventing Grant from hooking up with
      Yazoo river supply at all, which was not in your
      scenario, and could really have changed the outcome of
      the war entirely.
      --- hartshje <Hartshje@...> wrote:

      > Well Eric, I think you're right about the Union
      > cannonading drowning
      > out the sounds of Johnston's attack. And you are
      > also probably right
      > about the lack of cohesion and coordination that
      > would have unfolded
      > on the Confederate side, as well as Grant's
      > stubborness. So in all
      > liklihood, an escape by Pemberton seems to be the
      > most the South
      > could hope for. So if Grant captures Vicksburg five
      > weeks earlier,
      > and Johnston & Pemberton unite with over 60,000 men
      > at Jackson, what
      > happens next?
      > Joe H.

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