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1129Re: Did they fight in the West?

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  • Daniel Giallombardo
    Aug 3, 2000
      --- In civilwarwest@egroups.com, grabrulee@a... wrote:
      > Dear All
      > My feeling on this issue is that the South was so deeply into
      State's Rights
      > that the only way they would have looked seriously at the strategic
      > importance of the River - especially the Mississippi/Missouri
      highway - was
      > if they fell wholly within one state. Instead we have a situation
      where the
      > river divided four Confederate states (Mississippi and Tennessee
      from Arkasas
      > and Louisiana) and two states (Missouri and Kentucky) which had
      > Confederate sympathy yet nobody thought of viewing this situation
      a global
      > scale. It was simply a question of nobody being prepared to take
      > responsibility for fear of "treading on the toes" of the states
      > I only offer this as a suggestion but it is one which is borne
      out by
      > other things I have read which indicate the difficulties Davis and
      > government had in operating the Federal System which was essential
      were the
      > Confederacy to have any chance of establishing the nationhood they
      > claiming. This thinking had the effect of turning the WBTS into a
      war between
      > the Union and eleven individual opponents and the Union took full
      > of this in the West by picking off states one at a time until the
      passage of
      > the Mississippi could be forced and the western portion of the
      > isolated.
      > It would be interesting to speculate on how long the war would
      > lasted had there been a similar river system dividing the Eastern
      > would it not? Just a thought.
      > Best wishes to all
      > Graham Lee


      I believe you have managed to put into words something which
      eluded me for years.....and a fine example (still another example)of
      how states rights killed the confederacy.------Dan
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