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1122Re: [civilwarwest] Did they fight in the West?

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    Aug 3, 2000
      Perhaps the answer to the "importance" of the Eastern Theatre lies in the fact that the nations of Europe had their embassies and observers there. Remember that on the eve of the Sharpsburg-South Mountain-Harper's Ferry campaign the European Powers stood poised to recognize the Confederacy as an independent and sovereign Nation. Had they done so,lost rivers and territory in the West would have become meaningless as Britain and France would probably have forced a negotiated peace OR entered the War as Allies to the South.
      An unsupported South certainly did LOSE the war as a result of the Western Theatre, but I believe they could only have WON the war in the East, hence their attention to it and ours ever since.
      Regards to the troops,

      Luvankizzez, JohnO
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