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1118Re: [civilwarwest] Did they fight in the West?

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  • Terry M. Cabak
    Aug 2, 2000
      Shotgun... you are right and your perspective is correct. The only thing
      I fear is the fact that no one cares.

      However, the answer to the attention the east gets is simple: there's
      more people there.

      Also, the two capitals were there and there are more battlefields in
      driving distance than you can shake a stick at. Ours is a convenience
      society. We believe what is convenient or suits us at the time. We, all
      of us, must stop the infestation of hero worship that is professional
      sports. We must stop supporting and condoning the sickening wages being
      paid and gained by these filthy people and those who support professional
      sports before it is too late.

      It is only because of the proliferation of hero worship that the minds of
      the young are steered away from those things that really matter, such as
      the western theatre of the war. Everyone is slowly starting to see that
      the real fight was waged in the west; the eastern battles were just
      politics and it's true.

      Hopefully, now that professional sports are self-destructing from their
      obscenities, the attention that history study deserves will finally
      become a reality and true leadership will emerge in this country.

      All of us, each day and breathing moment, must speak out against these
      horrible reliances on things shallow and for this reason I cite
      professional sports. I myself, am a former athelete of hockey and
      football. The game for me died when the stadiums needed to be made
      larger to accomodate larger egos. It was no longer a sport, it was
      money. It is no longer a battlefield, it's wasted space that could be
      used for parking.

      The disintegration of this country and the minds of the people can be
      directly related to the dependence on satisfaction, immediate, paid for.

      I am not religious, but will not stand by and let meaningful subjects and
      important human conditions be trounced or forgotten or not be discussed
      because there's no money in it.

      Terry Cabak
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