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1109Re: [civilwarwest], Questions for group.

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  • Don Myers
    Jul 31, 2000
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      I am doing some research and have come across two (2) questions I hope someone may have the answer to.
      1). I have found out that in 1862 the Tennessee River was navigatable by riverboats, etc. from the Ohio River to Muscle Shoals, Alabama.  Does anyone know how far East the Cumberland River was Navigatable by transports/gunboats/etc?  Obviously at least to Nashville, but how much further?
      2). A couple of months ago there were some posts re: the size of the supply wagons.  In studying Bragg's 1862 Invasion of Kentucky it states he brought along 20,000 shoulder arms for the volunteers he had hoped to find there.  Probably not all were crated.  But how many rifles were in a crate?  How many crates would fit into the typical supply wagon?  How many wagons would it take to haul all of those weapons?  Did they bring ammunition for these guns?  How long would such a supply train stretch?
      I know no.2 has more than one question in it......but the numbers for just the guns alone seem mind boggling, not to mention the feed for the animals, and the supplies normally taken on a campaign.
      Hope to hear from someone soon.
      I remain, your most humble and obedient servant;
      Don Myers.
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