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10774Re: SCG epilogue

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  • josepharose
    May 1, 2002
      > I don't think that calling Thomas is an A no 1 man is stabbing in
      the back,
      > nor is describing him cool and reliable. Never brilliant - don't
      know, but
      > could this refer to his classroom expertise while at the point. A
      > slow - perhaps, but was he one to rush to judgement or to act in a
      > that was irrational. No All in all, I believe he was mostly
      positive in his
      > description of Thomas to his brother John. BTW it was on
      > suggestion to his brother that Thomas be promoted and be
      transferred to the
      > Dept of Kentucky with him in August of 1861.
      > Wayne

      I think that another officer, maybe Anderson, also recommended that
      Thomas be promoted.

      What is intersting is that Thomas, a full colonel in the regular
      army, who had served in the Valley with some distinction, was about
      to be passed over for promotion while large numbers of colonels who
      failed at Bull Run or who hadn't even seen real action were made
      generals. Even then, Thomas' name was kept well down the list.

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