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10258Re: [civilwarwest] Re: What the historians say (Snake Creek Gap)

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    Apr 1, 2002
      In a message dated 4/1/2002 9:36:05 AM Eastern Standard Time, carlw4514@... writes:

      What do you think about
      Wheeler's performance? Does he deserve criticism if not "scapegoat"

      Wheeler does deserve some criticism but he should not be the scapegoat.  I tend to think of Wheeler's age and the possibility of mistakes as a result of either immaturity or just as a result of faulty judgement.  Wheeler, like Forrest, liked to raid more than be the eyes of the army.  Apparently, his troops did keep JEJ informed fairly well on McPhersons movements.  Now according to what I have discovered, there were two gaps that would allow passage of McPherson's troops to Resaca, with SCG being the narrowist.  The other gap was fairly well fortifide (forgot the name of that gap) and I assume that the forces that were there were Wheeler's, in addition to other troops.
      It appears that Wheeler suddenly said to himself, Hey wait a minute, there are two gaps.  I had better send a brigade over to SCG just to be on the safe side.  Well that brigade did find out to their surprise that McPherson did indeed use SCG to transverse to Resaca.  The rest has been well discussed.

      JEJ was the overall commander, but the commanders at Tunnel Hill, Rockyface, Rome,  Calhoun, and Resaca had the responsibility to make sure that their area of command would be protected and secure without JEJ telling them what time to go to the outhouse.  If you are in command, then command.  JEJ was too far distant with respect to time to make each and every instant decision.  JEJ however, as Army commander, is blamed for everything,  just as Sherman is blamed for every fire set in the South.

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