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ancestor was on the css Alabama 4/4

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  • civil_war_csa_fr
    William Hearn Seaman John Neil Seaman Henry Yates Seaman William Robinson Seaman Michael Shields Seaman William Clark Seaman David Thurston
    Message 1 of 1549 , Sep 5, 2001
      William Hearn Seaman<br>John Neil Seaman<br>Henry
      Yates Seaman<br>William Robinson Seaman<br>Michael
      Shields Seaman<br>William Clark Seaman<br>David Thurston
      Seaman<br>David Leggett Seaman<br>Walter Van Ness Seaman<br>Henry
      Fisher Seaman<br>James Hart Seaman<br>John Williams
      Seaman<br>Edward Burrell Seaman<br>Juan Ochoa Seaman<br>Jacob
      Verber Seaman<br>Ralph Masters Ordinary Seaman / marin
      de 2eme classe<br>George Egerton Ordinary
      Seaman<br>Edgar Fripp Ordinary Seaman<br>John Emery Ordinary
      Seaman<br>F. Townsend Ordinary Seaman<br>William Miller
      Ordinary Seaman<br>David Williams Ordinary
      Seaman<br>William Bradford Ordinary Seaman<br>Philip Wharton
      Ordinary Seaman<br>John Russell Ordinary Seaman<br>Henry
      Angel Ordinary Seaman<br>John Mehan Ordinary
      Seaman<br>Richard Evans Ordinary Seaman<br>John Welham Ordinary
      Seaman<br>Andrew Pfeiffer Ordinary Seaman<br>Thomas Kehoe Ordinary
      Seaman<br>George Conroy Ordinary Seaman<br>Thomas Watson Ordinary
      Seaman<br>Robert Devine Ordinary Seaman<br>Karl Pajorva Ordinary
      Seaman<br>James King II Ordinary Seaman<br>Charles Colson
      Ordinary Seaman<br>John Jonson Ordinary Seaman<br>John
      Buckley Ordinary Seaman<br>Henry McCoy Ordinary
      Seaman<br>Robert Longshaw Ordinary Seaman<br>George Yeoman
      Ordinary Seaman<br>Martin Midich Ordinary
      Seaman<br>Charles Olson Ordinary Seaman<br>Henry Godson Ordinary
      Seaman<br>Louis Dupois Ordinary Seaman,<br>Midshipmen's Steward /
      marin de 2eme classe,<br>------garcon de cabine des
      aspirants<br>William McClellan Ordinary Seaman<br>William Jones
      Ordinary Seaman<br>George Percy Ordinary Seaman<br>Fred
      Lennon Ordinary Seaman<br>John Adams Landsman /
      ???<br>Thomas Brandon Landsman<br>Thomas White
      Landsman<br>Henry Higgins Landsman<br>Nicholas Adams
      Landsman<br>David H. White Wardroom Boy / mousse du carre des
      officiers<br>Maurice Bright Boy / mousse<br>John Wilson Boy<br>Thomas
      L. Parker Boy
    • gen_garnett1863
      Hey Peg, Wow. Sounds like you ve really got your family history down. Do you have any pictures or personal effects of your soldier
      Message 1549 of 1549 , Feb 19, 2002
        Hey Peg, <br><br>Wow. Sounds like you've really
        got your family history down. Do you have any
        pictures or personal effects of your soldier
        ancestors?<br><br>The William Grigsby I found was in the 103rd Illinois
        but was killed in TN. Sort of ironic. I shot a few
        pictures of some of the old graves at the cemetery. I'd be
        happy to email you a copy of William Grigsby's marker.
        (I promise I'm not as dark and morbid as I sound!
        :)<br><br>Hope all is well!<br>Respectfully,
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