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SP Switcher With SFRD Reefer

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  • thecitrusbelt
    Below is a link to a photo on Flickr by Lance Nix. The copyright (please respect this) is under Lance & Cromwell. The caption reads, “East Fresno RR Spur
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      Below is a link to a photo on Flickr by Lance Nix.  The copyright (please respect this) is under Lance & Cromwell.  The caption reads,


      East Fresno RR Spur Line about 1968 


      This old line ran a short train out and back each day to make pick ups and/or deliveries. The line closed down probably in the 1970's and all traces of the track have long been gone replaced by a walking-bike riding path.


      In Fresno, California's San Joaquin Valley. Shot from my parent’s backyard just east of Fresno.”




      This is a bit unusual as it shows a Southern Pacific switcher on an SP branchline with a Santa Fe reefer in tow.  This is not something that would have occurred very often in California except during and right after World War II. 


      In all likely hood the reefer was delivered loaded to an SP customer, which would account for it presence on an SP branchline. It’s much, much less likely that SP would have provided an empty Santa Fe reefer to one of its customers.


      There are some additional Santa Fe and SP photos in the Lance & Cromwell group.


      Bob Chaparro


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