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5708Free-Mo Reefers

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  • thecitrusbelt
    Jul 29, 2014

    Free-Mo modelers from Northern, Central and Southern California brought their HO modules to last week’s Santa Fe Railway Historical & Modeling Society convention in Fresno, CA.  The joint display layout was very large and, as usual, indicative of some very fine modeling in the way of design, track work and scenery.


    While I didn’t spot any SFRD reefers there were several examples of PFE reefers for the Santa Fe crowd to admire.  Many of these exhibited the heavy weathering on the PFE prototype reefers one would expect after S.P. President Donald J. Russell responded to a request for a mechanical car washer (to replace manual car washing) by bellowing, “You’re never going to wash a #*!!*## freight car on my railroad”.


    Images of these reefers are attached.


    Bob Chaparro