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5688Re: [citrusmodeling] Re: Color of oil tanks

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  • Ed Workman
    Jul 1, 2014
      Older film was Orthochromatic- could 'see' green but not red.
      Before that , and concurrent with ortho cuz it was cheaper, film was colorblind except for blue.
      Ortho film spectrum was sufficient to permit limited use of yellow filters.
      Perhaps the almost black of the tank body is a deep yellow,  or orange.
      As a color pic is almost certainly not gonna show up- who'd take a color snapshot of an oil tank on potato flour- go with yellow

      On Tue, Jul 1, 2014 at 3:02 AM, clark3332003@... [citrusmodeling] <citrusmodeling@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      I'd wonder if the darker colour was red, but a colour photo would be good.

      '... In 1915, when the Shell Company of California first built service stations, they had to compete against other companies. Bright colours were the solution, but colours that would not offend the Californians. Because of the state’s strong Spanish connections, the red and yellow of Spain were chosen. http://www.shell.com/global/aboutshell/who-we-are/our-history/history-of-pecten.html ...'

      Phil Clark, Catarman, Philippines.


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