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5496RE: Orange Show Excursion Trains

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  • thecitrusbelt
    Mar 5, 2014

      A map of the San Bernardino Valley Traction Company, circa 1906, does show the line from Third Street (location of the Santa Fe Depot) dropping down to “E” Street and Mill Street, the location of the Orange Show.  Whether that line was still there in 1960 is for someone else to answer.


      A Pacific Electric website (just on of many) noted, “By 1943, all regular passenger service to and from San Bernardino was discontinued. For several years thereafter, Pacific Electric continued to transport freight, a great deal of it being in the shipment of lumber and citrus products on the line to Los Angeles and in transport of mountain spring water on the Arrowhead line. However, when the San Bernardino station was closed down in the early 1960s, the effect would prove disastrous. When the Pacific Electric Railway left San Bernardino, a slow and tragic downward spiral in the city's economy began.”


      Bob Chaparro


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