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5489Ron Parisi’s West Side Freight Line Module

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  • thecitrusbelt
    Mar 3, 2014

    Ron posted these photos on the Yahoo Bullshippers Group in response to a post of the history of the Manhattan Meatpacking District. The District also was home to produce wholesalers.  PFE and SFRD reefers frequently were seen there and two can be seen on Ron’s module in one of the photos.


    His comments are below.


    Bob Chaparro




    The West Side Freight Line (along which the Gansevoort Market Historic District lies) has been an obsession of mine since the early 80's.My early interest produced two well received Hotrack modules of the very area talked about in the history.


    I am also serializing my version of the Line in The New York Central System's Historical Society e-zine, For the Modeler. I am 'traveling south' and am not yet at the elevated viaduct which so characterized the meat district after the tracks were removed from the streets in the 1930's.


    I am attaching two photos of my modules. Unfortunately, only The Manhattan Refrigerating building remains at the southern end of the "HighLine park.


    Ron Parisi