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5485Upgrading C&BT Shops Santa Fe 40-Foot Reefer Kits

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  • thecitrusbelt
    Mar 2, 2014

      Here is a link to an on-line TrainLife reprint of a Richard Hendrickson article titled, “Techniques: Upgrading C&BT Shops HO Scale Santa Fe 40-Foot Reefer Kits”.  The article originally appeared in the November 1994 issue of RAILMODEL JOURNAL.




      The article predates CB&T’s later production of additional Santa Fe reefers as Richard states, “The HO scale Santa Fe refrigerator car kits currently available from C&BT Shops represent the Rr-19 through Rr-32 class cars as rebuilt with inverse Dreadnaught ends between 1936 and 1940. (C&BT Shops also plans to issue kits for these cars as modernized in the 1950s, as well as for the later rebuilt reefers with 4/4 Dreadnaught ends and, after 1946, 3/3 Improved Dreadnaught ends, but release dates for these versions have not yet been announced).” 


      The article also states that…“Santa Fe reefer guru Keith Jordan has made patterns for urethane resin castings and arranged to have them cast by Martin Lofton of Sunshine Models.”  Be advised I just checked with Keith and these parts ARE NOT AVAILABLE.


      These reefer kits still appear at the better swap meets and train shows I attend in Southern California. With a little work they make nice models.


      Bob Chaparro






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