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5462Cleaning Fruit: Brushing Machine

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  • thecitrusbelt
    Feb 18, 2014

      Here is a link to an image from the Huntington Library of the machinery used to clean fruit.  The fruit appears to be lemons. 




      Use the slider above the image to enlarge it.


      Notice the man with the Brogdex Company uniform. The patented Brogdex Process, developed around 1925, was a method treating citrus fruits with a borax chemical wash and applying a wax spray to seal and sterilize any minute cut or bruise on the fruit. The wax spray, with or without borax, reduced shrinkage and withering of the fruit and maintained the original freshness and flavor of the fruit for prolonged periods of time.


      The Brogdex Process greatly reduced this problem. The Brogdex Company, which is still located in Pomona, CA, and makes food handling equipment, profited from the process and the related machinery they installed in packing houses. Unfortunately for the company, their patient was challenged in the 1930s and they lost their patient rights in the subsequent court case.


      Bob Chaparro