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2267Re: Athearn's Old Hinged-Door Reefers

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  • Barry Christensen
    Sep 11, 2006
      Thanks for posting the photo, Bob! I found those two reefers at a
      swap meet at Orange Empire Railway Museum awhile back and snagged them
      at $6.00 for the pair! They were in sorry shape but all doors and
      hatches with their hinges were intact and operable, a minor miracle.

      I thought others might be interested in the sources of the details I
      added to them. I hope someday to put fishbelly underframes below them
      as well.

      wheelsets--replaced by Reboxx 33" sets (stock # 33-1-1.035)
      couplers replaced by Kadee #5 coupler kit (380-5)
      trucks painted Scalecoat loco grime
      interiors of doors and hatches painted Floquil reefer white
      roof and sides painted black (they were mineral brown, too early for
      their era)
      touch ups of orange paint with Poly Scale's MEC Harvest Gold
      stirrups and brake wheel from various AB brake sets (Detail Associates
      FC6227, Cal Scale 190-2283, Tichy 293-3013E)
      bunker drains and Preco fans from reefer details (Red Caboose RP-4000-12)
      tack boards by American Model Builders (152-298)
      ice cakes came from Walthers' Cornerstone ice house and icing platform
      kit (933-3049)
      placard decals from Microscale 87-975 and 87-288
      chalk mark decals from Sunshine E12 and Microscale 87-228
      reporting marks & roof numbers decals from Champ BRH-218
      end data decals from Sunshine E103
      side data and Preco decals from Champ HD-18 and HD-17

      Barry Christensen

      --- In citrusmodeling@yahoogroups.com, "Bob Chaparro"
      <thecitrusbelt@...> wrote:
      > When I was a wee lad in the 1950s most of my small fleet of HO
      > rolling stock consisted of R-T-R Marx cars and built-up Athearn kits.
      > The Athearn kits, then as now, were fairly simple. This was a big
      > advantage for a kid who had to assemble these having only an over-
      > sized screw driver and no hobby knife.
      > One particular Athearn kit from that era was a reefer with operating
      > doors. It was their standard near-PFE prototype that had been
      > modified with a door opening and HUGE claw-like hinges for the
      > doors. Even with their bulky size I managed to break quite a few of
      > these hinges because I lacked the necessary tools to trim the hinges
      > and enlarge the corresponding door holes.
      > A few weeks ago Barry Christensen put together a layout tour for
      > members of the Orange County Railroad Historical Society. Barry
      > brought several items to display on one of the layouts, including
      > two of these Athearn reefers. (I was a bit jealous because all of
      > his door hinges were intact.)
      > Anyway, Barry did a nice job with these models and detailed them a
      > bit with packing crates and an icing crew. In our Photo Section, in
      > an album titled "Reefer Models", is an image of one of the reefers.
      > Bob Chaparro
      > Moderator
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