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2262Athearn's Old Hinged-Door Reefers

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  • Bob Chaparro
    Sep 7, 2006
      When I was a wee lad in the 1950s most of my small fleet of HO
      rolling stock consisted of R-T-R Marx cars and built-up Athearn kits.

      The Athearn kits, then as now, were fairly simple. This was a big
      advantage for a kid who had to assemble these having only an over-
      sized screw driver and no hobby knife.

      One particular Athearn kit from that era was a reefer with operating
      doors. It was their standard near-PFE prototype that had been
      modified with a door opening and HUGE claw-like hinges for the
      doors. Even with their bulky size I managed to break quite a few of
      these hinges because I lacked the necessary tools to trim the hinges
      and enlarge the corresponding door holes.

      A few weeks ago Barry Christensen put together a layout tour for
      members of the Orange County Railroad Historical Society. Barry
      brought several items to display on one of the layouts, including
      two of these Athearn reefers. (I was a bit jealous because all of
      his door hinges were intact.)

      Anyway, Barry did a nice job with these models and detailed them a
      bit with packing crates and an icing crew. In our Photo Section, in
      an album titled "Reefer Models", is an image of one of the reefers.

      Bob Chaparro
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