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NOTIMEX: Carlos Menem laundered $, guess where?

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    Carlos Saúl Menem laundered money in Citigroup Translated by The Narco News Bulletin Mexico, June 13 (Notimex): The leader of the Democratic Revolution Party
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 13, 2001
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      Carlos Saúl Menem laundered money in Citigroup

      Translated by The Narco News Bulletin

      Mexico, June 13 (Notimex): The leader of the Democratic Revolution
      Party (PRD, in its Spanish acronym) in the Mexican Congress, Senator
      Jesús Ortega Martínez, denounced that Carlos Saúl Menem, ex-president
      of Argentina, laundered money in subsidiaries of Citigroup, the
      institution that is trying to acquire Banamex.

      During today's session, the legislator said that according to reports
      received from Argentina Senators and Congress members, Menem obtained
      large quantities of money from the trafficking arms to countries at
      war, funds that were deposited in banks that belong to Citigroup with
      the goal of "washing" them.

      He assured that there are proofs of the participation of the banks
      belonging to Citigroup in the laundering of the money of Menem and
      his collaborators, and Ortega Martínez asked Mexican authorities to
      thoroughly analyze the proposal by Banamex to sell all its stocks to
      the United States institution.

      Citibank, belonging to Citigroup – said the legislator – is under
      investigation by the United States Senate for laundering money from
      narco-trafficking and is investigated for the recommendation that the
      parent company, with its seat in New York, made to its Argentina
      subsidiary to receive deposits from the Mexican narco-trafficker
      Amado Carrillo Fuentes.

      For the Senator, this situation must be analyzed in detail because if
      it doesn't take urgent and immediate action, Mexico could find itself
      in a situation similar to that of Argentina, in which the citizenry
      has lost faith and respect for the institutions because of the
      corruption fed by foreign credit institutions.

      Ortega Martínez said that he knew that a California Congreswoman
      asked the Federal Reserve Board to suspend the merger of Citibank
      with the Travelers company, that at the time represented the most
      important deal in that country.

      I have presented diverse arguments and elements regarding the deal
      between Citigroup and Banamex and that has permitted that the theme
      of FOBAPROA and its possible implications of corruption in which
      government officials and bank owners could have participated is a
      theme that has revived among public opinion.

      He added that all the accusations of corruption and money laundering
      that have been made against Citibank must not be forgotten: "We
      cannot permit them to be buried 40 feet underground. We cannot ignore
      all the crimes committed during the bank rescue in Mexico."
      The Senator warned that if the illegality is not combatted, if the
      guilty parties are not punished and if the impunity is not ended, "we
      will be at risk that the same thing happens to our country as
      happened to Argentina's society, and Mexico will remain in a serious
      economic and moral crisis."

      Meanwhile, as proposed by Ortega Martínez, the Joint Congressional
      Leadership Committee approved unanimously an agreement that the
      Congress will ask the IPAB fund for the purchasing contracts on the
      loan deals between FOBAPROA and the banks to verify whether any crime
      was committed during the bank bailout.
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