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Fwd: Citibank Gets Caught Again

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Alberto M. Giordano
Jan 26, 2002

AP: Citigroup-Banamex merger angers Mexican Taxpayers

"Mexicans also are distrustful of Citibank after learning it allowed its private-banking division to be used to channel almost $100 million in alleged drug
Alberto M. Giordano
Aug 5, 2001

NOTIMEX: Carlos Menem laundered $, guess where?

Carlos Saúl Menem laundered money in Citigroup Translated by The Narco News Bulletin Mexico, June 13 (Notimex): The leader of the Democratic Revolution Party
Jun 13, 2001

Inner City group opposes Citigroup-Banamex merger

SOURCE: http://www.innercitypress.org/citimex.html Opposition to Citigroup - Banamex Updated June 4, 2001 On May 17, 2001, the chief executive of the largest
Jun 4, 2001

"Tax Evasion" Scheme in Citigroup-Banamex merge charges Mex City Go

“They’re trying to evade taxes with the Banamex-Citigroup Deal” -- Mexico City Governor Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Translated from the Mexico News
Alberto M. Giordano
May 25, 2001

Financial Times cheerleads re-colonization of Mexico

COMMENT & ANALYSIS: Breaking the border: Citigroup's purchase of Mexico's leading bank is indicative of a new optimism in both countries about doing business
May 24, 2001

FORTUNE: Citibank Private Banking

Who Wants To Manage A Millionaire? Just ask Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and even discounter Charles Schwab. And as these titans vie for the richest prizes,
May 24, 2001

Citigroup Cancels McNiel-Lehrer News Funding

http://www.latimes.com/class/employ/showbiz/20010523/t000043091.html Citigroup to Halt Funds to 'NewsHour' By ELIZABETH JENSEN, Times Staff Writer NEW
May 23, 2001

Citigroup "425" Filing with S.E.C. re: Banamex purchase

Filed by Citigroup Inc. Pursuant to Rule 425 under the Securities Act of 1933 Subject Company: Grupo Financiero Banamex Accival, S.A. de C.V. Commission File
May 22, 2001

RAMIREZ: The Narco and the Press

May 22, 2001 The Dean of Mexican Journalists Weighs In... The Narco... and the Press Banamex, Fox and the webs of neo-power The Weaknesses of Hernández By
Alberto M. Giordano
May 21, 2001

James Petras on "Dirty Money" and Citigroup

"Dirty Money" Foundation of U.S. Growth and Empire From La Jornada, May 19, 2001 By James Petras Size and Scope of Dirty Money Laundering by Big U.S. Banks
May 21, 2001

The Clamor in Mexico Over Citigroup's Deal

The Clamor in Mexico Over Citigroup's Deal El Universal, Mexico City Pulso Político Column: May 21, 2001 By Francisco Cárdenas Cruz -- It Is Said that
May 21, 2001

Wall Street Journal: Cocaine Habit at Citigroup

Son of Citigroup's Weill left firm to battle drug habit Sunday, November 26, 2000 By CHARLES GASPARINO and JOANN S. LUBLIN, The Wall Street Journal In July,
May 20, 2001

FORTUNE: Sandy Weill's Monster

FORTUNE 500 Sandy Weill's Monster It's called Citigroup, and it's really big and complicated. Even its deal-addicted boss hasn't quite figured out how to
May 20, 2001

LA TIMES: Legal Obstacles to Citigroup-Banamex merger

From the Los Angeles Times Saturday, May 19, 2001 Banamex, Citigroup Merger's Trade-Off Banking: Although the deal is celebrated, a possible hit to exports
May 20, 2001
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