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Cody Lee, ScumFrog, DJ Skribble and more sat at SPUNDAE!!! Release the Crackon!

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  • DJ Cody Lee Williams
    This sat night I m throwin out some chunky love with Scumfrog and DJ Skribble at Spundae! On the really reals! Really. Email me for free guest list and be
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 7, 2006
      This sat night I'm throwin out some chunky love with Scumfrog and DJ Skribble at Spundae!
      On the really reals!
      Email me for free guest list and be there before 10:30pm!
      Cody@... or respond to this email.
      This is going to kick ass!
      = )
      Big Love
      saturday Sept 9th
      SPUNDAE @
      Circus Disco
      6655 Santa Monica Bl
      ay, September 9th

      Perfecto :: Djskribble.com :: Djsarealive.com :: New York

      As a solo artist, Skribble has enjoyed enormous success based on a work ethic that embraces the most disparate musical genres along with the discerning instincts of a master musician. "There is no music or culture that is unacceptable to me" he emphasizes. "One night I'll be doing a rave, another night I may work a college club, then an on underground house party. That's why I'm constantly on the road." Skribble's craft, though sometimes underestimated, is in a constant state of evolution. "DJs like me first gained respect from the musical community when they saw the amazing response I received from the crowd."

      Thescumfrog.com :: Djsarealive.com :: New York

      The Scumfrog’s impact on the global dance music scene is undeniable. Since 2002, he has scored eight number one club hits in the US and UK. Whether he is on tour in the US, Asia, South America, or Europe, his extraordinary performances continue to draw bigger crowds each month. After his award winning streak of productions and remixes for artists like David Bowie, Britney Spears, Missy Elliott, and Annie Lennox on virtually every major record label, He recorded his first artist album, entitled “Simmer”

      Marcvanlinden.com :: Vandit :: Germany

      "Marc van Linden is one of the hottest talents around at the moment“ Paul Van Dyk Marc is not a total newcomer to the scene as his Dj & producer career started back in 1996 He is currently busy travelling around the globe promoting & presenting his typical “MvL-Sound”. His latest release „Forbidden Love“ is featured on Paul van Dyk´s “Politics Of Dancing 2” and in the Playlists of Above & Beyond, Judge Jules, John Askew, Armin van Buuren, Cosmic Gate and many more.

      CODY LEE
      Spundae :: Djcodylee.com

      Backroom hosted by: CRYSTALCLOUDS.COM
      San Francisco LoveFest Pre-Party!!!

      SkillsDJ.com :: Deep Voices :: Adjusted :: Noys :: San Francisco
      Co-founder of Skills Dj Workshop. He has remained a vital and instrumental figure in the growth of the bay area trance scene. His smooth transitions and flawless mixing have given him the respect of his peers and fans, while his fun, melodic style of trance has made him a crowd favorite.In addition to Djing, Dyloot is the co-owner of Dancing Spirit. Recordings with multiple hit releases like Steve Baltes and DJ Dyloot aka Deep Voices delivering euphoric trance that. Whether he is on the decks, in the studio, or running Skills, Dyloot's love for music has made him a great DJ, an excellent trance producer, and a masterfull party promoter.

      Gil LA
      Djgilla.com :: Crystalclouds.com :: Etn.fm

      Global Vibe Ent :: Crystalclouds.com :: ETN.FM

      DJ KYO vs. DJ RAY
      Enoise Records :: Crystalclouds.com :: Party107


      Cody Lee Williams
      Los Angeles
      Funky Tekno Tribe

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