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Re: [cinemagsforum] Joko Anwar's MODUS ANOMALI & IMPETIGORE

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  • angga pratama
    dia.sih bilangnya gitu di twitter :) film2nya dia kan semuanya di antah berantah... even janji joni jg nggak di mention lokasinya (walaupun obvious bgt sih
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 30, 2011

      dia.sih bilangnya gitu di twitter :) film2nya dia kan semuanya di antah berantah... even janji joni jg nggak di mention lokasinya (walaupun obvious bgt sih difilmnya itu set di kota tua jakarta)

      On Jun 30, 2011 10:48 PM, <handa72@...> wrote:
      > Maksudnya dunia real itu gimana?
      > Janji joni bukannya dunia real ya?
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      > Subject: [cinemagsforum] Joko Anwar's MODUS ANOMALI & IMPETIGORE
      > Akhirnya terungkapm sudah film Joko Anwar (Janji Joni, Kala, Pintu
      > Terlarang) berikutnya. Bukan Executor, melainkan MODUS ANOMALI (ttg serial
      > killer, premisnya sih film ini bakal minim dialog dan cuma ada 3 character
      > doang, mungkin kaya No Country For Old Man, dan satu2nya film Joko Anwar yg
      > bersetting di dunia real) dan IMPETIGORE (film horror but no pocong &
      > kuntilanak). Filmnya bakal shooting back2back & tetep sama LifeLike
      > Pictures. Bisa jadi tahun depan bakal ada 2 film Joko Anwar sekaligus ...
      > worth to wait.
      > Thriller Spiller: Joko Anwar Drops Hints About His Upcoming Movies
      > *
      > *
      > http://www.thejakartaglobe.com/lifelived/thriller-spiller-joko-anwar-drops-hints-about-his-upcoming-movies/449649
      > The Indonesian film industry is certainly not dead — especially not in the
      > horror and thriller departments. Acclaimed director Joko Anwar is fixing up
      > two spine-chilling big screen projects to be released next year.
      > “One of the projects 'Modus Anomali' is a thriller about a man who is trying
      > to save his family from a mysterious killer on a joyfully planned vacation,”
      > said Joko.
      > The award-winning director will set the movie in a forest — he'd like to
      > film it in Italy, but will still hunt for a perfect local set — and will
      > start the production this November.
      > “It's going to be a very twisted storyline,” said Joko. “The movie will
      > feature only three characters in a majority of the scenes, and there will be
      > a very limited dialogue. It's definitely going to be very mysterious.”
      > Joko will feature Indonesian actors, but wrote the script in English, aiming
      > to introduce his movie to a wider international audience.
      > “The main challenge for Indonesian directors, when it comes to putting their
      > works out internationally, is the language. So I decided to use English for
      > this project,” said Joko.
      > “Modus Anomali,” which is budgeted at Rp 2,5 billion, has been listed under
      > the 2011 Network of Asian Fantastic Films (NAFF) nomination, which is in
      > conjunction with The Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival.
      > “Basically, the organizer invited Asian directors to pitch their movie
      > projects, and they will select some of the projects and fund the
      > productions,” said Joko. “The results will be announced by the end of July,
      > so I'm hoping that my project will be selected. But we would still film the
      > movie even if we don't win.”
      > As for “Impetigore” Joko promises to take the audience on another super
      > twisted horror and thrilling experience without involving *pocong*, *kuntil
      > anak* and the like.
      > “There will definitely be some spiritual factors in it, but there won't be
      > any typical ghost characters that you often see in Indonesian horror
      > movies,” said Joko.
      > This Rp 8 billion movie project tells the story of a young woman, who is
      > living in Jakarta after surviving a murder attempt, trying to find out
      > more about her would-be killer. She visits her home village, where it all
      > happened, but she doesn’t realize that the whole community is trying to kill
      > her because of a mysterious motive.
      > “The reason? You'd have to watch the movie yourself and find out,” said
      > Joko. “The meaning of the title itself is actually the key to the movie.”
      > Joko will work hand in hand with producer Sheila Timothy for both projects —
      > he described the movies as his “hush, hush projects” for their secrecy.
      > Joko is the brain behind celebrated movies like romantic comedy “Janji Joni”
      > (Joni's Promise), noir thriller “Dead Time: Kala” and thriller “Pintu
      > Terlarang” (“Forbidden Door”), which won The Best Film award at Puchon
      > International Fantastic Film Festival in 2009.
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