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Requests for prayers April 2, 2008

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  • John Richardson
    To be included in this list, please send prayer requests privately to: Prayer Requests April 2, 2008 St Francis of Paola, hermit
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      To be included in this list, please send prayer requests privately to:

      Prayer Requests April 2, 2008
      St Francis of Paola, hermit
      April General Intention: Proclamation of the Resurrection. That Christians
      may not tire of proclaiming with their lives that Christ´┐Żs resurrection is
      the source of hope and peace.
      April Mission Intention: Future Priests. That the future priests of the
      young Churches may be formed to evangelize their nations and the whole world.
      Pray also for Our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI; All Priests & Religious;
      Increase in vocations; Recently deceased and Holy Souls in Purgatory.
      2 . . . Virginia <vmsouthas@...>
      Prayers needed for Holden Wells and family. Holden is again in the hospital
      as of today. Things are very difficult. Please pray esp. that good will
      come out of this situation and for the school to finally agree pay for a
      program that would actually meet his special needs. Please pray for the
      family as well for strength, perseverance, comfort and wisdom and healing
      esp. for Bridget. God Bless you all for your kindness and faithfulness!
      Please pray for Brad, a co-worker who was air-lifted to a hospital in
      Canada last night after a semi-truck lost control and slammed into the car
      he was riding in with other people. The car was totaled. He has a deep
      laceration in his head and he pulled a muscle away from the stomach lining.
      He may have been thrown from the car. We are not sure. Now, however, the
      Canadian Hospital wants $5000.00 up front. So please continue your prayers
      for Brad's recovery and the resolution of this financial issue.
      Brad came home from Canada yesterday morning. He is still in alot of pain
      but he recovering. He is very appreciative of all the prayers. Please
      continue to pray for a full recovery. We are very grateful he wasn't more
      seriously hurt.
      4 . . . Lucy <lucy.chifa@...>
      My nephew's marriage is having some difficulties at the moment.
      2 . . . Carol <bcl007@...>
      In thanksgiving for a safe and productive first Canadian nursing mission to
      El Salvador completed recently. We ask for God's blessings on the 1,000
      people we saw in the two weeks and celebrate and cherish the experience of
      outpouring of generosity from so many strangers. For a time that caused one
      to pause and re-evaluate personal priorities and give thanks to God for
      blessings and challenges faced with trust. Carol Keith, OCDS
      6 . . . Lonnie <allisgrace@...>
      Emergency prayers for a crisis in our family.
      8 . . . Lisa <lamarreromd@...>
      For our Archdiocese of New York, closing schools and hospitals, hoping for
      better times and in particular for Our Lady of Sorrows. My parish pastor is
      now my former pastor, and the District Attorney is now investigating his
      actions. He has a gambling problem and we are sure that he is in great
      spiritual and emotional need. Also for another pastor, grappling with the
      closure of his parish school.
      For my mom, as we prep to move from the family home of almost 50 years.
      9 . . . Paul <pjbuis@...>
      Please pray for Cathy for perseverence in her mental illness -- that she
      may maintain the presence of Christ in her life and stay balanced.
      Please pray for Anne M. for healing of cancer and deliverance from the evil
      Please pray for Carol-Anne, that she may find hope in Christ to overcome
      her depression and loss of direction in life.
      Please pray for Eugene, that he may know the deepest peace of Christ, with
      the fullness of hope and love.
      Please pray for Hollie, that she may find hope and humility in Christ, that
      she may find Christ and love Him in her neighbor
      Please pray for Anna, that Mary our Mother may guide her to the Risen Lord
      Please pray for Martin who is undergoing knee replacement surgery, that he
      may be healed and kept free of complications in the surgery
      9 . . . John <Flabs@...>
      Please pray for Paula in terms of her future as her research grant comes to
      an end. Also for her boss who has some health concerns exacerbated by
      workaholism. Thanks.
      9 . . . Mairead <magdalenarose@...>
      I had extensive oral surgery Friday. I am asking for prayers for recovery.
      Thanks so much. Mairead
      To be included in this list, please send prayer requests privately to:
      (Requests will be posted for one week. Please keep them short.)
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