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Communicationes N. 91

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  • Lonnie Sorensen
    Communicationes N. 91 - En . DOC .PDF INDEX: - Pope Benedict XVI prays before the relics of Saint Therese - University pastoral work with St Edith Stein -
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      Communicationes N. 91 - En

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      - Pope Benedict XVI prays before the relics of Saint Therese

      - University pastoral work with St Edith Stein

      - Bl Elizabeth of the Trinity in the Republic of Central Africa

      - The Prioress of Bangkok and the Day against Violence to Women

      - Silver Jubilee of the Carmelite Mission in Indonesia


      Pope Benedict XVI prays

      before the relics of Saint Therese


      The Urn containing the relics of our holy Carmelite saint is once again making a pilgrimage throughout Italy and, as ever, is being welcomed by multitudes of people. From the 9th November to the 18th, it was in Rome, visiting various churches, monasteries, the great halls of universities, pastoral centres, .... To venerate the relics, vigils were organized as well as times of prayer, celebrations of the Eucharist, conferences, reflections, ..... On the morning of Wednesday, 14th November, the relics of our Doctor of the Church arrived at the Vatican. First of all the Pope gave his weekly audience to the 20,000 gathered in St Peter’s Square. At the end of the audience, the Pope announced to those assembled: “I have the pleasure of praying before the relics, as so many of the faithful can do during this week in various churches throughout Rome...” He mentioned that we are celebrating the 120th anniversary of when Therese Martin met with Leo XIII (20/11/1887), the 80th anniversary of her being proclaimed Universal Patroness of the Missions by Pius XI (14/12/1927) and the 10th anniversary of her being proclaimed a Doctor of the Church by John Paul II (19/10/1997). In harmony with his central discourse on St Jerome in the audience, the Pope also recalled that St Therese wanted to learn biblical languages in order to understand the Scriptures better.

      To end the public audience, the relics were brought by the Papal Assistants to the patio of St Damasus outside the papal apartments. The Pope venerated the relics in his private chapel, remaining a long time on his knees, recollected in prayer. He was accompanied by Mons. Auguste Pican, Bishop of Bayeux-Lisieux, Mons. Bernard Lagoutte, Rector of the Lisieux Basilica and Fr Antonio Sangalli, ocd, who, with his team, is in charge of the visit of the relics to Italy.

      The complete text of the Pope’s words can be found in "L'Osservatore Romano". This occasion reminds us that on 12th September, Benedict XVI wrote a letter to Cardinal Ivan Dias, Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of the Peoples. In it he united himself to the missionary efforts of the French Episcopal Conference who wanted to declare 2007 as a Missionary Year in Lisieux, in memory of St Therese being declared Patroness of the Missions.

      St Therese’s tie with the Popes is constant. Leo XII received her in audience. Pius X signed the decree for the introduction of her Cause (10/06/1914) and declared her doctrine on the Eucharist as “most opportune”. Benedict XV approved her heroic virtue (14/08/1921) and praised her little way of spiritual childhood. Pius XI considered her the “star of his Pontificate”. Pius XII was Papal Legate to Lisieux (11/07/1937) and later on (1944) declared her Co-Patron of this Gallic country and Patroness of the French Mission. Paul VI was born on the day of her death. John Paul II made a pilgrimage to Lisieux on 2nd June 1980 and received the relics of St Therese in St Peter’s Square on 19th October 1997. Benedict XVI remained recollected in deep prayer before her relics on 14th November, this year.


      University pastoral work with St Edith Stein, Spain


      With a seminar and a discussion during supper, the Barcelona Delegation for University Pastoral Work inaugurated the new “Edith Stein” Centre, which will be a forum for the evangelization of culture, directed towards those at university involved in the final courses: doctoral students, professors and professional people connected with the Catalan university. The director of the centre, Francesc Grané, explained that the university pastoral work of the ‘City of the Counts’ had selected St Teresa Benedicta as a reference point because her experience of searching for God through reason, thought and experience “is most illustrative of the present situation with it lack of meaning, its searching, its failed and pertinent attempts.


      Bl Elizabeth of the Trinity

      in the Republic of Central Africa


      While in Europe the lights celebrating the first centenary of the death of Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity are being turned off, in the heart of Africa, in the Republic of Central Africa, the commemoration is just beginning. On 12th November the centenary was opened with a solemn Mass in the Bouar cathedral, at which more than 700 attended with their Bishop. Every three months during the year, a public conference was offered on the impact of the Eucharist in the life of Bl. Elizabeth, on her pertinence to our life, on her Act of Oblation to the Trinity from an ontological point of view. Each subject drew a great number of religious and laity, particularly from the Secular Carmel.

      As well as the conferences, we should mention the contribution of "Radio Siriri" which gave a weekly broadcast on Carmelite spirituality. Of great help to making Blessed Elizabeth better known was the pamphlet “A panoramic view of Elizabeth of the Trinity: biographical notes and a brief doctrinal presentation” of Fr Constatin Kabasubabu, translated into Sango. Over 200 copies were sent to the religious houses in the diocese. On Saturday 10th November, 2007, was held the final day of the centenary. There was a performance of “The Spiritual Combat of Elizabeth” a theatrical work by our brother Cyriaque Soumbou, who is in first year theology. This was followed by an academic function including a musical concert given by our young seminarians from Bouar-La Yolé, with modern and traditional dances. There was really great participation of the youth and a prize was given to the poem “At the school of Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity”, by our diocesan priest Alain Ngbora.

      Next day, Sunday, Bishop Mons. Gianni Armando presided at the concelebration in Bouar cathedral. The centenary came to an end in an African mode with lively competitions. There were football matches between the young Carmelite women and the female parishioners of Bouar, the seminarians from La Yolé seminary against the Capuchin clergy helped by the Carmelites from the theological college of San Lorenzo of Brindisi.


      The Prioress of Bangkok

      and the Day against Violence to Women


      On 25th November was celebrated the World Day for eliminating Violence against Women. This was established by a resolution of the UN dated 17th December 1999. This year’s celebration of the World Day was helped by the world-wide impact of the declarations issued by the Prioress of Bangkok in Thailand, Mother Thanica Tiravanichpong. “Carmel in this city is situated in the sexual tourism zone . . . Many who come here are Christians . .” “All this is against God,” said the Prioress who then added : “All this lowers the value of humanity, of the person, because they are women they are reduced to worthless goods. Above all, Christians should remember that a person should never be abused. These tourists use their money to humiliate the poor, they buy cheap sex from the poor. Why don’t they use their money to alleviate what the poor lack and need? They ought to remind themselves, if they are Christians, they cannot use money to dominate the poor in a sexual manner . . .”




      On 15th October 2007, all roads led to Bajawa- Flores Island in the NTT Province of Indonesia for the Silver Jubilee celebration of the Carmelite Mission in Indonesia. After the three years of spiritual preparation and reflecting upon the theme "Menabur Karisma, Menuai pebahruan", which is Indonesian for “Sow the seed of Charism and Reap Renewal”, the big day dawned in a festive atmosphere with banners, flags and great gusto from near and far. Rev. Fr. Angelo Madelo ocd , the General Definitor for East Asia and Oceania, Fr. Sylvester Nediathara ocd, the Vicar Provincial of Manjummel Province, Friars from different communities of our Mission, hundreds of Priests and Religious from neighboring congregations, some political as well as government dignitaries and thousands of faithful were present for the momentous occasion.


      In connection with the Jubilee year, to add to our joy, we were gifted with three new Priests. They were ordained by His Grace Msgr. Vinsentius Sensi Potokota Pr, who was the main celebrant of the Solemn Mass. In his homily, His Grace recalled the works of the two great Missionaries, namely the late Fr. John Britto, ocd, and the late Fr. Thomas Kaloor, ocd, whose tireless and selfless service has brought fame and prestige to Carmel in Indonesia, especially in the Diocese of Ende. They had an insignificant beginning in taking up a small Parish in Bajawa, in the District of Ngada. But now it has grown up with more than 14,000 parishioners. Later in 1989, the first Monastery was founded in Bogenga- Bajawa, adjacent to St. Joseph's Parish. Now this Mission has six communities spread over six different Dioceses. Four of these are formation communities.


      The strong number of Students aspiring to become Carmelite Priests is as follows:


      Different Stages







      No of









      Under the coordination of Fr. Ubaldus Remachamkuzhy, ocd, and Fr. Bertholomeus Bolong, ocd, preparations for Jubilee celebration were divided into two parts, ie:. physical and non-physical. To do something of material benefit for the Jubilee, we decided to have some social welfare activities, beneficial for the development of the poor people around our communities. The following are the social activities we intend to carry out:


      1. Construction of a Water Tank for the people of Marunggela Village where we have our formation community for Postulants and Aspirants.

      2. Giving Scholarships to 25 poor high school children

      3. Distribution of 25 cows to poor families.

      4. Promoting devotion to the scapular among the faithful by distributing scapulars.

      5. Concert to collect funds for the education of our Students.

      6. Renovating the Parish Hall of St. Joseph at Bajawa and renaming it in memory of the late Fr. John Britto and the late Fr. Thomas Kalloor, ocd.   


      The following are the non-physical activities we have carried out:

      - Publishing of a Souvenir in connection with the Jubilee year.

      - Seminar on Family life for the faithful in our St. Joseph's Parish

      - 40 Hours of Adoration in each Community of our Mission.

      - A Get together of the Carmelite Family.

      - Catechism for the People in Bajawa on Carmelite Spirituality

      - Carmelite Charism Retreat for all the Friars of our Mission.

      - A Documentary on Our Mission.

      - A Seminar for the Carmelite Students in differnt stages of Formation.

      - A Seminar for the youth in St. Joseph's Parish at Bajawa.


      Once again we thank each and every one of you for all the care, love and prayerful support you have extended towards the growth and development of this young Mission, which is one of the Order’s missions full of hope. We ask your continued support for our Mission.

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