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Prayer Requests May 1, 2007

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  • John Richardson
    To be included in this list, please send prayer requests privately to: Prayer Requests May 1, 2007 St Joseph the Worker
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2007
      To be included in this list, please send prayer requests privately to:

      Prayer Requests May 1, 2007
      St Joseph the Worker
      May General Intention: That, following the example of the Virgin Mary, all
      Christians should allow themselves to be guided by the word of God and
      always remain attentive to the signs of the Lord in his own life.
      May Mission Intention: That in Mission territories there may be no lack of
      good and enlightened teachers in the major Seminaries and in the Institutes
      of consecrated life.
      Pray also for Our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI; All Priests & Religious;
      Increase in vocations; Recently deceased and Holy Souls in Purgatory.
      2 Carol <teresaje@...>
      That the doctors can find out what is wrong with my body since I
      accidentally fell in February. I have a lot of pain in my back & other
      parts, and it is painful walking in short steps. Friday I had an X-ray. God
      reward you.
      3 Jen <sinnertosaint@...>
      Dear Cincarm, i thankyou, i will always thank you as you have always prayed
      much for my own and others requests. Fr. Dan for whom i asked prayers
      continues to recover from surgery. He is diagnosed with Cancer and is in
      discernment with Medical Doctors what treatment to treat the Cancer with.
      Please join me in a Novena to the Holy Spirit adn St. Peregrine for our
      brother who i know if asked would be ever greatful. Thankyou for your
      loving prayers for all and their families. God bless us all.Jen
      3 Lonnie <allisgrace@...>
      OCDS in Michigan, Lydia, is awaiting ambulance. She began hemorrhaging from
      her mouth. She asks our prayers. Love and Prayers
      I had asked prayers for our sister in Michigan, who was rushed to hospital
      hemorrhaging from mouth. We have Joyful Report. Thank you for those
      prayers and let our thanks spill over.

      I just called Lydia's house, and you'll never guess who answered the
      phone!!!! ;-)
      She said she had just gotten her coat off, and was planning to spend
      the weekend in bed, sleeping.
      She said the doctor decided at the last minute not to do the biopsy
      because the nodule had SHRUNK (allelujah!) to the point where he was afraid
      of collapsing her lung. He sent her home with medications and advised that
      the situation be reviewed by her medical team every 2-3 months.
      Please pray for Tony Hoffman, my son's father-in-law, and for his return to
      Sacraments. His lungs continue to fill with fluid. He has been fighting a
      mild form of leukemia for a couple years. Thank you.
      4 Charlene <charwhit68@...>
      Win has cancer and is dying. Many thanks for all your prayers. Blessings.
      4 Tina <ckacanowski@...>
      For a special intention.
      4 Virginia <vmsouthas@...>
      Please pray for Father Peter Dally who has been struggling with cancer for
      some time now. His cancer has been in remission, but he has just been
      diagnosed with bladder cancer. It sounds like it is terminal. He is the
      assistant priest at St. George's Byzantine Catholic Church in Olympia, WA.
      Thank you so much for your prayers for him and his wife and family. Father
      was an Anglican priest who converted to Catholicism and was given special
      premission by the Vatican to remain in the priesthood.
      Also, please pray for Mexico City. They just legalized abortion for
      pregnancies in the first 12 weeks. Its already legal in cases of rape,
      health of the mother or if the baby shows signs of a handicapp. How Our
      Lady of Guadalupe must be crying.
      This morning, April 27, 2007, Fr. Pascal Pierini, OCD peacefully died at Mt
      St Joseph in San Jose, CA.
      4 Nancy <schmancy1051@...>
      Please keep my 77 yr.old mother Jane in your prayers.She is in a lot of
      pain from nueropathy and has cardiovascular trouble and her kidneys are not
      functioning properly. She refuses to see a Dr.I am a nursing assistant but
      there's only so much I can do.
      4 Kathy <ldewine@...>
      A Special Intention for the Pyda family. Continued prayers for Roseanne,
      suffering severe depression, and for Debby, with Stage 4 Cancer. For a
      family in Kentucky, who have suffered the loss of two children, both in
      awful tragedies, within a two weeks span.
      For an increase in God's mercy in the heart of my friend Roseanne, who has
      been hospitalized in a geriatric psychiatric unit of a local hospital.
      This dear woman has long been the "rock" in her family and among her
      friends, a daily communicant, who has suffered many emotionally hard times
      through her life, has entered a very dark place where I pray she will meet
      our Lord more intimately and fruitfully than ever. However you are given
      to pray for her, please do pray today, with me and so many others who know
      and love her, especially for protection / deliverance from spirits that are
      oppressing and disorienting her, causing her and her family great suffering.
      4 Joe <jfine120@...>
      On Holy Saturday I woke up in the morning and could not see with my right
      eye my vision has returned to approximately 65%. The doctors say that there
      is nothing that can be done. I would appreciate your prayers for the
      restitution of my sight to full capacity if it be God's will. Thank you all
      for your prayers. God Bless you all through Jesus and Mary. Joe
      7 Susie <sspanier@...>
      Prayer request for my sister in law Kathy, last fall she had a baseball
      size tumor removed from her brain that was growing around her optic nerve -
      Kathy went back to St Louis for a check up with her surgeon - he is now
      recommending radiation treatments even though the tumor they removed last
      fall wasn't cancer he believes the tumor is beginning to regrow since he
      didn't want to cut too close to her optic nerve - for some reason she is
      more nervous about the radiation treatments than she was about the actual
      surgery, she is asking for prayers to give her the strength to face these
      5 radiation treatments -
      To be included in this list, please send prayer requests privately to:
      (Requests will be posted for one week. Please keep them short.)
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