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Request for Prayers, September 12

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  • Tina
    To be included in this list, please send prayer requests privately to Tina: billandtina41@gmail.com Requests for Prayers, September 12th
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 12, 2013
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      To be included in this list, please send prayer requests privately to Tina: billandtina41@...   


      Requests for Prayers, September 12th


      September General Intention: Value of Silence. That
      people today, often overwhelmed by noise, may
      rediscover the value of silence and listen to the voice
      of God and their brothers and sisters.

      September Mission Intention: Persecuted Christians.
      That Christians suffering persecution in many parts of
      the world may by their witness be prophets of Christ's

      Pray also for His Holiness Pope Francis I; All Priests
      & Religious; Increase in vocations; Recently deceased
      and Holy Souls in Purgatory.


      12 . . . Laura Goggins 

      Please pray for complete healing of my sister Jeanne,
      who is suffering with a third bout of cancer. Please also
      pray that her financial situation will improve and that her
      landlord won't raise her rent.  Thank you!


      15…Betty Lamantea <bettylamantea@...>


      Please pray for healing of my 97 year old mother, Ruby, who has fractures on both of her feet.  May she have a speedy recovery.


      Prayers are requested for Theresa N. who is unemployed and in immediate need of a job. Also, she requests prayers for her family in Vietnam. Communist China and North Korea are progressively taking over several Vietnamese islands to develop a nuclear plant and are forcibly taking over land, destroying villages and killing people in the process. They’ve received word that the plan is to move in on the larger cities and take over the country. Journalists are not allowed near this area of development so communications are thwarted, though they said our former US Secretary of State was aware of this and did not intervene. May God’s children heed the call of Our Lady of Fatima and pray the rosary daily for peace.


      Thank you for your prayers!




      17…Moira Lees <bonnie_fifer@...>

      Pleasepray for Sister Viviana Harman, BVM. She will have major heart surgery on September 26th at 5:20 AM at Cedars, Los Angeles.


      18 . . Elizabeth K  <korvesem@...>

      For Elizabeth Korves OCDS that she may find a job.


      (Requests will be posted for one week. Please keep
      them short.)

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