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Requests for Prayers, July 2nd

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  • Merdy
    Requests for Prayers, July 2nd To be included in this list, please send prayer requests (with a notation that they are for Cincarm) privately to:
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 1, 2013
      Requests for Prayers, July 2nd

      To be included in this list, please send prayer requests
      (with a notation that they are for Cincarm) privately to:

      Requests for Prayers, July 2nd


      July General Intention: World Youth Day. That World
      Youth Day in Brazil may encourage all young
      Christians to become disciples and missionaries of the

      July Mission Intention: Asia. That throughout Asia
      doors may be open to messengers of the Gospel.

      Pray also for His Holiness Pope Francis I; All Priests
      & Religious; Increase in vocations; Recently deceased
      and Holy Souls in Purgatory.


      3 . . . Lonnie Small <allisgrace@...>

      "Thanks for your prayers! Father Raphael Mary
      is doing well! He came through surgery without any
      problems and has begun to sit up and walk around.
      His recuperation will take some time. If you would like
      to send him cards and/or words of encouragement,
      please drop them off at the Parish Office and they will
      be forwarded to him.

      Blessed Sacrament Parish Address:
      5050 8th Avenue NE,
      Seattle, WA. 98105"

      3 . . . Prayers and blessing for Catherine Reichert,
      who will be 100 years old on June 26. She is a
      member of San Diego community, as is her daughter,
      Jeanette Curran.

      10 . . . Stray cat bit my 23 yr. old son, Thomas (on
      Sunday). He has no health ins. Please pray that he
      catches cat tomorrow. If he doesn't, then rabies shots?
      And will he go or gamble? Thank you.

      My daughter's husband was laid off two months ago.
      No job yet...4 children...today ended the health
      coverage. I thank you for prayers.


      3 . . . Elizabeth K <korvesem@...>

      For Elizabeth Korves OCDS that she may find a job.


      3 . . . Laura Goggins <lauragoggins@...>

      My family would deeply appreciate prayers for our sister
      Jeanne, who has a re-occurrence of cancer...this time it
      is spots on her liver. She previously had abdominal
      tumors and then a brain tumor. She has suffered so
      much. Please also pray for a friend's daughter, Alice,
      who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar
      disorder and who is due to give birth in July.
      Thank you for your prayers!


      4 . . . rnbridgid <carmelschild@...>

      My son Bill has cancer of the liver, the doctors can't
      operate so he has a shunt to try to shrink the tumor.
      Please pray for him...thank you....yours In Carmel.


      8 . . . Sandra Malkovsky <Sandra@...>

      Please pray for a young woman I just met in the
      parking lot of the grocery store. She was in the car
      crying. There was a six month old with her. She said
      she just ran away from an abusive husband and had
      to get to Tennessee where her step-parents would
      help her. She had no money, no food or diapers for
      the baby, etc. I did what I could to help her and sent
      her on her way promising that I would ask people to
      pray for her safety. She had a Rosary hanging on
      the rear view mirror but said she was not Catholic,
      her step-parents were.

      I did not even ask her name. But God knows it.


      Requests will be posted for one week. Please keep
      them short.
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