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Requests for Prayers, March 24th

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  • Merdy
    Requests for Prayers, March 24th To be included in this list, please send prayer requests (with a notation that they are for Cincarm) privately to:
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      Requests for Prayers, March 24th

      To be included in this list, please send prayer requests
      (with a notation that they are for Cincarm) privately to:

      Requests for Prayers, March 24th


      March General Intention: Respect for Nature. That
      respect for nature may grow with the awareness that
      all creation is God's work entrusted to human

      March Mission Intention: Clergy. That bishops,
      priests, and deacons may be tireless messengers
      of the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

      Pray also for His Holiness Pope Francis I; All Priests
      & Religious; Increase in vocations; Recently deceased
      and Holy Souls in Purgatory.


      27 . . . Lonnie Small <allisgrace@...>

      Fr. Jerome Lantry, OCD, is dying. He has been
      on oxygen for quite some time and is now nearing the
      end of his earthly journey. Prayers are requested that
      he pass peacefully.

      30 . . . My friend, Sheryl, stopped being able to
      swallow any solid food two days ago. She sees the
      doctor tomorrow (the 21st).

      31 . . . Please pray for our Cincarm member....Robert.
      His 52 yr old daughter died of cancer and the family
      needs our prayers and please pray for the repose of
      her soul.


      27 . . . Virginia Southas <vmsouthas@...>

      From my friend, Lyn. Please pray for her dad
      and the family.

      "My dad has been in and out of the hospital the past
      few weeks. Started with some lower back pain, general
      not feeling well, and some infection in his lower bowel
      area. He regained some strength after the initial stay,
      and was sent home. Three days later we were back in
      the hospital ER with my dad, similar symptoms, only
      worse. He was fitted with a "leg bag" in hopes the
      kidneys can have less pressure on them, and the
      prostate can be better evaluated. He was released
      from Overlake yesterday (Saturday) and is now in
      rehab at Mission House in Bellevue. Don't know much
      about long term ... but for now he is receiving 24/7
      care and we will hope he regains some strength. He is
      pretty determined to go back home. If he goes home
      we plan to have in-home care.

      "My mom is exhausted (as this happens to the
      caregiver) and my brother Kyle flew in from Dallas for
      a few days to help. Dad will be 93 mid April. My mom
      is 88. Prayers and good thoughts!"

      28 . . . Please pray very hard for Mother Theadelphi.
      She lives in a Skete in Ohio. She has been very under
      the weather for some months. Tests last week showed
      something wrong with both her thyroid and liver. More
      tests ordered. Since she's already had two bouts of
      cancer, and surgery, during the last 12 years, there is
      a reasonable fear here.


      27 . . . Elizabeth K <korvesem@...>

      For Elizabeth Korves OCDS that she may find a job.


      31 . . . Anne Martindale <martindale2@...>

      Please pray for Christina, 23 weeks pregnant with
      twins; in the hospital with preeclampsia, and one
      baby is in trouble. Thank you so much!


      Requests will be posted for one week. Please keep
      them short.
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