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Requests for prayers December 1

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  • John Richardson
    To be included in this list, please send prayer requests privately to: and . Requests for prayers December 1
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2008
      To be included in this list, please send prayer requests privately to:
      <Flabs@...> and <flabs@...>.

      Requests for prayers December 1
      December General Intention: Culture of Life. That, faced with the growing
      expansion of the culture of violence and death, the Church may courageously
      promote the culture of life through all her apostolic and missionary
      December Mission Intention: Fraternal Witness. That, especially in mission
      countries, Christians may show through gestures of kindness that the Child
      born in Bethlehem is the Hope of the world.
      Pray also for Our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI; All Priests & Religious;
      Increase in vocations; Recently deceased and Holy Souls in Purgatory.
      6 . . . Andrew <bandablomberg@...>
      For Polly, 43-yr-old mother of 3, who has just been diagnosed with
      pancreatic cancer.
      4 . . . John <flabs@...>
      For Langston, recently diagnosed with cancer.
      2 . . . Tina <billandtina41@...>
      Bill's grandpa, James Russo, passed away rather suddenly today (Nov 23).
      4 . . . Virginia <vmsouthas@...>
      Please pray for all persecuted Christians.
      4 . . . Lucy <Lucy.Chifa@...>
      For my grand daughter Grace in Zambia with severe aneamia.
      For my siblings in Africa, suffering various diseases.
      1 . . . Kathy <kcwd111@...>
      For the repose of the soul of Paul Hyrka, and for his wife and four young
      children, God's protection and providence.
      3 . . . Deb <deborrah.thurston@...>
      For our OCDS sister, Rita S.  She fell 23 November, resulting in a black
      eye and fractured left arm. Please join in praying for her healing and
      4 . . . Jan <Bordelea@...>
      1) for Gayle, who is recovering from Thyroid cancer
      2) for Ryan's mom, Jeannie who is on chemo for Stage 3 breast cancer and is
      getting violently sick from the chemo
      4 . . . Lonnie <allisgrace@...>
      Please pray for Hugh and his family. They have suffered much and it has
      affected their marriage very seriously.
      Marie, OCDS in formation, from my community, who suffers from congestive
      heart failure and uses oxygen, broke her hip and has complications.
      Please pray for her.
      8 . . . Sr. Helena <Helraphaelfsp@...>
      Thanks for all your prayers so far! I don't want to be one of the
      ungrateful lepers!
      OK--so 11 nuns and crew are going to sing on a Christmas concert tour in
      NJ, PA, MA and NYC. For many attending, it's their only religious function
      all year. Please pray that the music and lyrics will touch their hearts
      with God's love. Deo gratias! Blessed Advent!
      4 . . . Millie <Isalysmili@...>
      My surgery was scheduled for November 26 for reconstruction from the
      mastectomy and hope you will pray for me! Thanks.
      Surgery went well, thanks for praying! Dr. said it could take three months
      before things are completely healed. Missy goes for her first check up
      after cancer treatments were finished in Dec. Asking God's grace on her and
      no cancer is found!
      5 . . . Carol <bcl007@...>
      Karen Steele, a nurse I work with, gave birth to her first baby (Corbin)
      Nov. 8th by caeserian section. Karen and her husband Jamie were over the
      moon with joy. On Nov. 22, after coming to hospital because of a severe
      headache, Karen died! Our shock and sorrow goes beyond the point of
      feeling. Please pray for Karen's soul that she feels God's love and mercy.
      Also for her husband Jamie and their new baby Corbin to find comfort in
      God's love and strength and to face the many questions and tests of faith
      in the years to come.
      7 . . . Anne <martindale2@...>
      Prayers are requested for a man who was involved in an accident two years
      ago, assumed insurance had settled everything, and now he and his wife are
      being sued for damages. Please pray for a just and quick settlement, or a
      withdrawal of the suit - which would be even more miraculous.
      Heard last evening that there has come some relief to the couple who
      received the summons related to a law-suit. An attorney friend told them
      not to worry, that the insurance company should provide a lawyer and handle
      it for them. It was filed, however, just short of the two year deadline!
      A little prayer, still, that all goes well. Thanks so much, Anne
      8 . . . Paula <pmk33@...>
      Please continue to pray for special intentions for all the beautiful souls
      on my prayer list, particularly for my boss and Fritz. Also please pray
      for the repose of the souls of Veronica, Julius, Teresa, Joseph, Marie,
      John, David and Margaret?
      Finally, would you please continue to pray for me as I prepare for my move
      to a new job and city as well as discern a vocation? I am currently going
      through some very turbulent emotions related to these (I must leave and let
      go of someone I love more dearly than life) and am confused as to how God
      wants me to handle them. Please pray that he makes my path and vision
      clear, calms my heart and gives me the grace to follow His will rather than
      my own. Thank you very much.
      To be included in this list, please send prayer requests privately to:
      (Requests will be posted for one week. Please keep them short.)
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