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Requests for prayers November 1

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  • John Richardson
    To be included in this list, please send prayer requests privately to: and . Requests for prayers November 1 St
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2008
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      To be included in this list, please send prayer requests privately to:
      <Flabs@...> and <flabs@...>.

      Requests for prayers November 1
      St Vigor
      November General Intention: Love of God and Neighbor. That the testimony
      of love offered by the saints may fortify Christians in their devotion to
      God and neighbor, imitating Christ who came to serve and not to be served.
      November Mission Intention: Church in Asia. That the Christian communities
      of Asia, contemplating the face of Christ, may find the most suitable ways
      to announce Him, in full faithfulness to the Gospel.
      Pray also for Our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI; All Priests & Religious;
      Increase in vocations; Recently deceased and Holy Souls in Purgatory.
      6 . . . Katheryn <diamantina@...>
      In thanksgiving for the success of my brother Michael's operation to repair
      the detached retina in his right eye.
      6 . . . Lonnie <allisgrace@...>
      Please pray for Peggy's healing from a very painful broken tail bone after
      fainting. She is like a mom to me so I would really appreciate your prayers.
      5 . . . Suzanne <Zimmerman60090@...>
      Please, dear cincarmers, pray for my youngest daughter-in-law, Tracy, who
      has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She and my son have three small
      children. Please pray as she faces surgery now. Suzanne
      5 . . . Lisa <lamarreromd@...>
      For the success of our adoption. The lovely Sophiana Marie is in our arms,
      but very frightened, naturally and fragile. We invite you to visit
      www.simonepictures.com to see our journey and read. We miss going to Mass,
      pray we find some good out of this little trial too.
      4 . . . Paula <pmk33@...>
      Would you please continue to pray for special intentions for everyone on my
      prayer list especially for my boss and Fritz? Please also pray for the
      repose of the souls of Veronica, Julius, Teresa, Joseph, Marie, John, David
      and Margaret?
      Finally, would you please pray for me as I discern a vocation?
      1 . . . John <Flabs@...>
      Barry has been immobilised for many days, not good for a Senior Citizen.
      His wife writes:- "And please do keep praying for him.  Because he is not
      out of the woods yet, not by a long chalk."
      Also for Fran, still being treated for a tumour.
      Thanksgiving for Lucy's safe return visiting her siblings in Africa.
      For Mustafa Mehmet, suffering from lymphoma and for his family.
      2 . . . Deb <deborrah.thurston@...>
      In thanksgiving for my sister's successful office visit to a specialist in
      Philadelphia; she is scheduled to return for surgery in mid-November.
      In thanksgiving for effective treatment of my low platelet count; may God's
      will be done.
      Please continue to pray for Jeannine's health; her surgery in Philly has
      been canceled, and she's back to 'square one' in Indianapolis. In the
      meantime, her blood sugar continues to fluctuate wildly. Lord, hear our
      5 . . . Anne <martindale2@...>
      For Bill who has many health problems, now complicated by bilateral
      cellulitis in his legs.
      For Jim who is having surgery for cancer of the tongue on Weds, Oct. 29.
      Thank you! Thanks for prayers and God bless all. Anne
      Bill's cellulitis is improving, thank you so much. He still can use
      prayers, though, for his general health, and conversion!
      To be included in this list, please send prayer requests privately to:
      (Requests will be posted for one week. Please keep them short.)
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