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Requests for prayers August 2, 2008

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  • John Richardson
    To be included in this list, please send prayer requests privately to: . Prayer Requests August 2, 2008 St Eusebius of Vercelli, bishop
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      To be included in this list, please send prayer requests privately to:

      Prayer Requests August 2, 2008
      St Eusebius of Vercelli, bishop
      August General Intention: Respect for Creation. That the human family may
      know how to respect God�s design for the world and thus become ever more
      aware of the great gift of God which Creation represents for us.
      August Mission Intention: Call to holiness. That through discernment of
      gifts and commitment to spiritual formation, holiness may be promoted among
      the people of God.
      Pray also for Our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI; All Priests & Religious;
      Increase in vocations; Recently deceased and Holy Souls in Purgatory.
      4 . . . Paula <pmk33@...>
      First, thank you all very much for your prayers. I can now see the truth
      behind my suffering and it makes it much easier to bear. Please continue to
      pray that I not lose sight of this truth.
      Also please continue to pray for my boss,
      that God protects him, helps him overcome his workaholism and opens his
      eyes to the path God intends for him. Please pray too for his conversion to
      the Faith.
      Finally please pray for John who has recently lost his wife, Veronica, and
      for the repose of her soul. Thank you very much.
      6 . . . John <Flabs@...>
      For all you caring CINCARMERs who have sent messages of condolence, and
      enquired after my welfare. Rest assured that I am fine, physically and
      emotionally, and too busy to worry about any more than sorting out the
      legal implications (and on the 'now you see it, now you don't' of my French
      Also for the rest of you CINCARMERS as well.
      2 . . . Kathy <ldewine@...>
      God bless John and family and friends (Lucy too) as they mourn the death of
      Please pray for for a family that includes two adopted children, and has
      just been offered to adopt a third child, a very sudden and unexpected
      situation. Pray that our Lord grants them discernment and wisdom and
      prudence ... and much charity to cooperate with the grace of this gift.
      For a young man, Douglas, who underwent serious surgery in May, is back in
      the hospital with infection and other complications. Let us pray for the
      intercession of John Paul II, for healing and healthy recovery, perhaps a
      call to priesthood in the process?
      Prayers of thanksgiving and intercession for Fr Christian Mathis, who has
      returned to his priesthood, his faculties restored ... please God let all
      be well for him and the faithful he is called to shepherd. amen.
      In thanksgiving for Douglas' continuing recovery. He has gone home from
      Children's Hospital, is still suffering from various conditions in the wake
      of his surgery. He and his parents appreciate the prayers, ask us to keep
      them up. They are all very tired.
      For the repose of the soul of a good Jewish man, Harold Shersky, in whose
      delicatessan hung a big poster: Catholics United for Kosher Food, created
      by a big Saturday morning breakfast group.
      For the Archdiocese of St. Louis, that God may send them a good man to
      follow in the holy footsteps of Raymond Burke. And for our diocese of
      Knoxville, TN, who has been without a bishop for a year now. Please God.
      For our son David, who after 30 years of schooling has earned a Ph. D. in
      Counseling Psychology: please, God, lead him into a place, a Catholic
      community of faith where he and his family may grow into the fullness of
      their promise.
      For a special intention. Thank you.
      2 . . . Virginia <vmsouthas@...>
      Christine Gubbins is in Canada and her daughter called her with an urgent
      prayer request for the Secular Carmelites to pray. Her daughter is a
      pediatrician. A patient of hers is 17yrs old, with the initials of AW and
      is considering an abortion. Please pray that God gives her good judgement
      to keep the baby. Also, Christine mentioned that a good friend of hers
      named Deborah Black, a single mom, who is responsible for organizing the
      adoration in their parish, has been diagnosed with rectal cancer. She will
      have to have a colostomy. Please pray for God's healing in her illness.
      Thanks and God Bless
      Forwarding for prayer. Thank you, Virginia
      Slava Isusu Christu! Some of you may remember my sister, Vicki, who lived
      with me a few years back and has since moved back to Montana to be with our
      Mother. You may recall that while she was here, she went through
      Chemotherapy for breast cancer and beat it. She had been cancer free up
      until now. Well, it has returned, this time in her backbone (L5 Lumbar
      vert., whatever that is). So, I would like to ask to get the prayer circle
      going again, I am sure it worked the last time. Not just for her cure, but
      also for the strength to get through her therapy. The last time was not a
      pretty sight!! The Veteran's Administration has a new clinic in Lewistown,
      so she won't have to make a round trip of 210 miles for treatment, and that
      is a good thing.
      And, if you would, please pray for our Mother. She has been the bedrock of
      our family, but it is tremendously hard for any of her children be
      threatened like this. I'm sure her strength could use some shoring up.
      Thank you. Z'Bohom, Chris Rapkoch
      2 . . . Lonnie <allisgrace@...>
      From Fr. Grennon:
      Marie has married a "Catholic boy" outside of the Church. The reason: they
      accuse all priest as being pedophiles. I told my friend that I would
      request prayers for her daughter.
      4 . . . Deb <deborrah.thurston@...>
      My co-worker, Janelle requests prayers for her niece, the daughter of
      Janelle's recently-deceased sister. Janelle's niece has just been
      diagnosed with malignant melanoma and has had surgery to remove the
      cancerous lesion. The surgeon is confident that he has removed all of the
      cancer, but Janelle's niece is anxious that she will suffer and die as her
      mother did. Please pray for peace in heart and mind, and for the gift of
      God's healing.
      4 . . . Sr. Helena <Helraphaelfsp@...>
      Hi Sisters,
      OK--the day-long diocesan talks on media literacy went extraordinarily well
      in Ohio! Thank you so much for praying. I was wondering why it went so
      well, and then I remembered....
      OK--next assignment (should you choose to accept your mission): young adult
      vocation retreat here in Chicago. Here are the name of the girls so far:
      Jackie, Jennifer, Jamie, Marie, Lindsay, Veronica, Cheryl. Sr. Margaret
      Michael and I will be conducting it August 1-4. Deo gratias!
      7 . . . Lucy <lucy.chifa@...>
      For my older daughter's father-in-law Nicos.
      For my siblings in Africa, suffering various diseases.
      For continued healing of my younger daughter's marriage.
      For a resolution of my housing problems.
      That the lump in my daughter's breast may be benign.
      7 . . . Anita <AHessenauer@...>
      Please continue to pray for the safety of my 20 year old son during the
      last week of his medical mission and internship in San Ignacio, Belize.
      The U.S. embassy in Belize has once again issued another travel advisory
      for all Americans in Belize due to the recent outbreak of violence and
      violent crime against Americans, travelers and tourists. Please pray that
      the Lord will bring my son home safely. Thank you. Anita
      To be included in this list, please send prayer requests privately to:
      (Requests will be posted for one week. Please keep them short.)
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