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20153RE: [cincarm] National Catholic Register news

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  • Deb Thurston OCDS
    Feb 12, 2014

      Andrea, the Indianapolis Star pretty much had a lock on the story up until January 25, and in the days right after publication, all the print media had to give credit to the Indianapolis Star for their investigative work on Latoya Ammons, the situation, and the exorcisms. Since their publication Jan 25 – see my Facebook post for the link – this is the first interview that I’ve seen Fr. Maginot give in print. Beyond that, I can’t find anything further that fits your description… and I’m relieved, frankly. After all, Fr. Maginot does have a pastoral ministry and a parish to administer up in Merrillville. <smile>



      I hope he writes a book. Is there a blog or good source on his story of exorcisms of this family?


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