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  • Lonnie Small
    Feb 9, 2014

      Dear Friends and Brothers and Sisters in Carmel,


      This is the email and all the contents of my research, which I sent to our immediate family today.

      Some of you are not Catholics so you may not understand some of this, but feel free to ask.

      This is very special and exciting.

      It is a joy to share with you all.


      We have been so blessed because we have a Cousin in the family who was beatified by Bl. John Paul II the Great in 1999.  Our cousin was one of the Polish martyrs who were beatified in Warsaw.

      Because media never individually listed the Blesseds, I only knew about two of them, who were Carmelites.


      Here is our family history.  My mom’s parents were born in Jordanow, Poland and the population when they left was approx. 1,000.  (Today it is approx 5,000)

      Rudolph Dankowski, (who is Mom’s dad) had 3 brothers and 2 sisters and he was the youngest.  He came to Chicago in 1900 at age 16 and Grandma and he were married in 1905 and Aunt Gene was born in 1906. 


      Well, in 1908 Peter Edward Dankowski was born in Jordanow.  It is more than likely that he is Grandpa’s nephew which makes him Mom’s first cousin.  Cousin Ted Smeja was also Mom’s first cousin, but from her mother’s side. 


      Our Cousin Peter became a diocesean priest of Cracow.  He was assigned to a parish in Zakopane.   While there he was known for his love and his care for the poor and he started helping and hiding Jews.  He was arrested by the Nazis and sent to Auschwitz in May of 1941 and was killed four months before St. Benedicta (Edith Stein), our Discalced Carmelite saint was killed.  He was tortured and killed there for being a priest.  He died on April 3, 1942 at the age of 33 and it was Good Friday.


      I will paste below all the research I did to learn more about him.  With one miracle, he will be canonized.


      At the beginning of this information, I have a photo of Jordanow (reminds me of Temecula…hills surrounded by mountains, but weather is like Illinois).  I also found the historical story of when the Jews were rounded up and killed in Jordanow.  It appears that another member of our family was killed by a grenade that day.   Jordanow put up a Memorial of Blessed Peter at the home he was born and lived in and the pictures of it are here too.


      I have included 2 painting pictures of Bl. Peter and one photo, and one painting of all the Polish martyrs who were canonized with him.  It is small so I didn’t locate his face in there yet.


      The name and address of his postulator are there (man in charge of his canonization process) and perhaps he can send us Holy Cards of our Cousin!


      We can help with his cause for canonization by “promoting” it.  This means we tell people about him and ask them to talk/pray to him for favors.  If a cure or miracle is obtained, it is reported to the postulator to be verified.  I have been promoting the causes for some of our Discalced Carmelite “Blesseds” but I will be focusing now to promote our own Cousin!!!

      He has two feast days, if the info is correct….his date of death, April 3, as well as the feast for all those martyrs together on June 12







       Jordanow is a small town situated about 60 km (about 37 miles) from Krakow, on the Skawa River, in Makowski Beskid. Jordanow is pronounced “Yor-da-noof” with emphasis on the middle syllable. Jordanow is in the Beskid... also known as Yordanov, Yordanuv, Yordanev

      Austro-Hungarian Empire province of Galicia










      (this is the account of the roundup of Jews after our cousin was killed—it was written in Hebrew and I found a translation at New York Public Library)


      Monument for Jewes

      by ZiOOlek Updated Feb 22, 2007 953 reviews


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