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  • Triaka Smith
    Dec 19, 2011
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      From: Triaka Smith
      Sent: Sunday, December 18, 2011 3:58 PM
      To: Triaka@...

      YOU ARE A "GOD" with mental powers that create your reality - OCCUPY  your powers! 

      Know that your every thought produces creative energy (Cosmic Law) so use it wisely. http://www.cmh2.com/swn 
      The GOD POWERS of the human  mind and emotions - energies which have been scientifically verified - can be brought to focus on freeing yourself from the economic, political , religious, educational and conspiratorial New World Order that does not respect your GOD POWERS hiding behind various fronts, especially Zionism and monopoly "central" banking - people who already control gold and most of the earth's other resources. 

      The truth is that you have been kept  intentionally uninformed of your GOD POWERS by these materialists who would impose a world "dictator" to rule over every GODSELF and every inch of this planets land and water.  

      But there is hope enough people will wake up and exercise enough GOD  POWER to make real change.  Here is an example of Jewish anti-Zionism expressed by Rabbi Elmer Berger;  "I oppose Zionism because I deny that Jews are a nation.  We were a nation for perhaps 200 years in a history of 4,000 years,  Before that we were  a group of warring Semitic tribes whose only tenuous bond of unity was a national deity - religious unity.  Certainly since the Dispersion we have not been a nation,  We have belonged to every nation in the world. We have mixed our blood with all peoples.  Jewish nationalism is a fabrication woven of the thinnest kind of threads and strengthened only in those eras in human history in which reaction has been dominant anti-Semites...".  

      In a Rabbinical theme that Zionism undermines teachings of the Torah and Judaism,  Rabbi S.R. Hirsch wrote that Jews are forbidden to strive for the reunion or possession of the land (Israel) "by any but spiritual means". 

      Entirely opposite of the Zionist-planned global  dictatorship, and compatible with spiritual qualities of Love, Peace and Harmony, is the "World Cooperative" CONSTITUTION of UNITED DIVERSITY which respects, protects and balances the GOD POWERS of all human beings as shown in Article 1 http://groups.yahoo.com/group/uniteddiversity

      For Freewill and Balance,
      Triaka-Don Smith