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Murdering Jane

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    http://www.murderingjane.com Click cover to read more... Stanford Reconsidered Serving the Stanford Community Since 2003 ©Stanford Reconsidered – All Rights
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      Click cover to

      Stanford Reconsidered

      Serving the Stanford Community Since 2003
      ©Stanford Reconsidered – All Rights Reserved


      Solving the Jane Stanford Murder Case of 1905
      Yields the Holy Grail of Investigative Journalism:

      The Final Secrets of the JFK Assassination - Now Revealed & Fully Documented

      Click here for: FOREWORD

      Alumni Magazine on Her Murder

      Film Treatment

      Jane Stanford: the First Known Murder Arranged by John D. Rockefeller Sr.
      Millions More Murders Were to Come in the Name of Rockefeller’s thus-Financed “Eugenics”
      Latter Re-named As “Nazism"

      * * * * *
      The Horrifying American Roots of Nazi Eugenics*:
      Jane Stanford Murdered to Spread Eugenics for Wall Street Fascists’ Political Agendas 
      By using Stanford University with its “eugenicist” President David Starr Jordan 
      Wall Street Financed Adolf Hitler & Created Nazi War Machine

      The Horrifying American Roots of Nazi Eugenics

      Wall Street Financed Nazis into Power

      1985 Investigation of Nazi war criminals involved in JFK Assassination

      TR/Rockefeller Families' Conspiracies 1905 Murder to Iran Coup

      Nazi Genocide Agendas First Strategized at Stanford University as “Applied Eugenics”
      John D. Rockefeller Sr. Financed Jane Stanford’s Murder and Later the Founding of the Nazi State
      JFK Murdered to Maintain Cover Up of the Major WW II Nazi Treasons of Later Rockefellers and Bushes

      “Dark Legacy” alleging Bush Responsibility

      Dallas 1963 Was Also to Seize U.S. War Machine to Replace Loss of Their WW II Nazi War Machine
      Wall Street/Rockefellers Had Financed and Banked on Hitler’s Success 
      Wall Street’s Goals in 1905, with Hitler, and in Dallas 1963 were Same: Agendas toward World Dictatorship:

      With War-Profiteering & Massive “De-Population” Agendas (Global Genocides as still Planned since 1905)
      U.S.A. Now — Since Dallas 1963 — is the Seat and Power of World Fascism/Nazism 
      U.S.A.’s Ostensible Government Since 1963: Purely a Charade
      All War Powers Since 1963 Remain in Hands of the Determined Wall Street Fascists
      The Wall Street Fascists of 1905, during Hitler Era, and Today have Maintained Same Agenda;
      FEMA Concentration Camps & “De-Population” by Pharmaceutically-Engineered Epidemics (Ready-to-Go)

      FEMA Camps: see link here 

      De-population/Genocide Agenda of Rockefellers/Bilderbergers: see link here

      **The U.S. First Republic No Longer Exists - as U.S Congressman Ron Paul Accurately Asserts**
      The Second Republic to Overturn the Nazists’ 1963 Dallas 
      coup is Urgently Required





      Prompted by the John Hankey produced documentaries of “Dark Legacy” on the John F. Kennedy assassination of 1963 (http://vimeo.com/44581567) and “The Assassination of John F. Kennedy Jr.” in 1999*, Stanford Reconsideredcommenced intensive research to confirm the facts and judgements as made, or not — on the Bushes and their Nazi histories, and on all other facts with statements and conclusions made in the Hankey productions. The result is this compilation which not only confirms all relevant major historical assessments by Hankey, but lays out abundantly much greater evidence of historical record, in the public domain, and recently otherwise established by many. Among the facts proven are that the Rockefellers, Harrimans, and Dulleses were heavily involved in financing the rise of Adolf Hitler and his War Machine. With the Nazi industrialists in 1933 they bank-rolled Hitler into power. The meeting to accomplish that in Germany in 1933 was attended by the Dulleses who represented the Rockefeller and Harriman interests and their own. Of these fact the renowned Stanford researcher and Professor, the late Antony Sutton has stated:

      "[At] the very core of Naziism," says Professor Sutton, we "find Wall Street, including Standard Oil of New Jersey and I.T.T., represented ... [up] to as late as 1944." Referring to Wall Street's role in funding the
      Nazis as being one part of a consolidation plan for world domination, he concludes, "This interplay of ideas and cooperation ... was only one facet of a vast and ambitious system of cooperation and international alliance for world control." The professor quotes an Establishment insider; Georgetown professor Dr. Carroll Quigley, as saying that it was "nothing less than to create a world system of financial control, in private hands, 
      able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole."

      This we must state remains the goal of the present-day Wall Street Fascist interests — and that pursuant to their goals, they are in fact intentionally seeking the financial destruction of the Republic — while embezzling vast sums from the public for their pending, planned, and near-future fascist central government and bank. We must recognize that these fascist Forces conducted a coup d’etate with the assassination of JFK in 1963. This was foremost of urgency to maintain the cover-up on their WW II Nazi Treasons. That had become an urgent necessity after JFK’s removal of Allen Dulles as CIA Director. Dulles also was a major Nazi Collaborator and was put into the CIA specifically to maintain that cover-up. His removal by JFK prompted the urgent assassination to preclude that exposure of the Rockefellers, Harriman, and Dulleses.

      And, say the professors “…the Council on Foreign Relations, played an important role in funding the Nazis, and orchestrated the investigations to prevent their connections from being made public…This evidence also suggests that Wall Street/CFR [Council of Foreign Relations] not only funded, but arguably, created the Nazi war machine”

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