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Fwd: CIA Chechen Base at Pankisi Gorge

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  • Kris Millegan
    Begin forwarded message: Dear Kris: Daniel Hopsicker’s article, “Boston Bombers’ Uncle Married Daughter of Top CIA Official,” clinches it! That
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      Begin forwarded message:

      Dear Kris:
      Daniel Hopsicker’s article, “Boston Bombers’ Uncle Married Daughter of Top CIA Official,” clinches it!  That settles it!  It confirms the hypothesis that telltale signs of a CIA false flag operation include concurrent April 15–20 activities such as the fire at the JFK Library erupting from an EMP in the electrical wiring, the Oklahoma earthquake, the fire near Waco that must have started via an EMP, the earthquake in southern Iran near a nuclear reactor, the earthquake in northern Iran on the border with Pakistan, the earthquake at the Tibetan Plateau; and signature 9-11 activities such as naturalizing the older brother on 9-11 and the murders of his three Jewish friends, including his boxing buddy, on 9-11.
      When I was gathering facts for Microwave Experiment, I discovered that the CIA runs a Chechen separatist training camp in the Pankisi Gorge in Chechnya near Georgia .  I also discovered that both Bush and Putin profited heavily from the Beslan school massacre in September 2004—Bush bolstered his ratings over Kerry which would drop after the Republican National Convention and Putin consolidated his power.  At the time, I could not figure out who did it—Bush or Putin—because they both profited.  As a result, I deleted Beslan from Microwave, and now I am sorry that I did.  I am so sorry, like Brenda Lee.  This is what I deleted:
      On September 1, 2004, significantly, during the week of the Republican National Convention, a group of armed terrorists lay siege to a middle school in Beslan , Russia .  They held captive more than 1,110 people, including 777 children.  Before the crisis ended, 334 hostages had been killed, including 186 children.  The American press reported that the armed terrorists were Chechen separatists who wanted freedom from Russian rule.  The crisis would ultimately result in reform in the Russian government, the consolidation of power in the Kremlin, and the strengthening of the power of the President of Russia.
                  The minute that I heard about it and saw the pictures in the newspapers, I was convinced that this was a CIA false flag operation and I told my coworkers so when the subject came up.  I articulated my opinion to all of my friends in the hallway, in front of the pretty pictures on the wall, and in people’s window offices and modular cubicles.
                  “Why do you say that?” asked my GS-14.
                  “It is imperative to bolster the ratings of candidate Bush to the max now because they will drop 10–20 points two weeks after the Republic National Convention.  Therefore, they have to elevate them now to assure that after they fall, he would still be around even with John Kerry, and they can still do their thing with the electronic voting machines.  They can’t change the numbers significantly if there is a wide chasm between Bush and Kerry.  However, if it is very close, they can switch the numbers.  Remember Election Night 2000?  The computer went down for a couple of hours and when they went back up, Bush was ahead.  Remember that?”
                  “Yeah, I remember,” said the GS-14.
                  “This is a CIA false flag operation.  The CIA still has a bunch of Arabs that are holdovers from World War Two.  It knows how to start a commotion by using domestic pawns residing on their own soil.”
                  “Mary, you think that the U.S. committed this atrocity?” he asked in disbelief.
                  “Oh, for sure,” I answered with confidence.  “And you know what else I heard on the radio last night?  That the guns and ammunition had been placed beneath the floorboards of the gym two months ago when the gym was being renovated.”
                  “They were?”
                  “That’s what I heard on the radio.  Now, weapons and ammo are placed beneath the floorboards of the gym two months ago, when the gym was being renovated, and then all of the sudden, during the week of the RNC, when Bush is in trouble with his ratings, the Muslims suddenly decide to take them out and stage an atrocity.”
                  “It does sound suspicious.”
                  “Do Muslims care about who is in the White House, a Republican or a Democrat?”
                  “No, I would say not.”
                  “I don’t think so, either.  That is why I think that this is a CIA false flag operation designed to bolster the ratings of candidate Bush.  The Republicans’ ratings always go up when people are scared.  The morons think that the Republicans are good for defense.  But this is the problem: the Republicans can’t stage another atrocity on US soil to bolster their ratings because if they do, then they can’t brag that they are keeping us safe.  Therefore, their only recourse is to do it abroad.  This must be Karl Rove’s brainchild.”
                  Early the next morning, at 6 AM, I raced past the obnoxious banner that advised me that I had no expectations of privacy.  I read the articles and saw the horrific pictures on multiple websites.  Then, every morning for a week, I returned to the story for an update.  After a week had past, all of my suspicions were confirmed.  The Russian government, as well as journalists based abroad, had figured it out, and they arrived at the same conclusion that I did.  Foreign news sources focused on different facts than the American media did.  American news sources were forced to staunchly support the Bush administration in order to gain entrance to press conferences and special events that meant money in their pockets.  Conversely, the media in foreign countries enjoyed uncensored speech, were critical of U.S. involvement in Chechnya , and did not have to worry that Bush would never give them access to a breaking story.
      This is what I gleaned from the Internet: The Russians believed that the U.S. had covertly staged the atrocity in Beslan; that the U.S. was behind the Chechen rebellion because America had always strongly supported the Chechen cause;[i] that the U.S. wanted to weaken Russia to the point that it would lose the Caucasus;[ii] that it was not a coincidence that the Chechens used the Pankisi gorge, in adjacent Georgia, as their base, and that Georgia was strongly pro-American, aspired to join NATO, and permitted the U.S. to maintain a strong military presence on its soil.[iii]  But, wait, the clincher was this: there is oil beneath the soil of Chechnya and it would flow if the area had not been devastated by civil war.  I learned all that I wanted to know, much to my disgust: the U.S. had killed two birds with one stone.  The terrorism abroad bolstered Bush’es ratings to the max during the week of the RNC, after which they were expected to fall significantly, and it was all about oil—the U.S. would not rest until it had planted itself atop every last oil well on earth.
                  Moreover, key figures on the Neocon roster strongly supported Chechen separatism.  They belonged to a group called the American Committee for Peace in Chechnya (ACPC).  Members included Richard Perle, the Pentagon advisor, Elliot Abrams of Iran-Contra, Kenneth Adelman, U.S. ambassador to the UN, Midge Decter, director of the Heritage Foundation, Frank Gaffney, of the Center for Security Policy, Bruce Jackson, President of the U.S. Committee on NATO, Michael Ledeen of the American Enterprise Institute, and James Woolsey, CIA director.  No, I thought, the U.S. was the elephant in the room that the media was ignoring.
      I am so sorry that I deleted this material.  I am sure that it is all the same aforementioned players in the paragraph above who back this most recent activity of CIA Chechnen separatist training camp graduates, too.

      [i] John Laughland, “The Chechens’ American Friends,” Guardian, September 8, 2004, 23.
      [ii] Ibid.
      [iii] Ibid.

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