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Christmas Hammer December 2012

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  • nathaniel x vance
    Christmas Hammer Will the Christmas Hammer strike this year? This title emerged after the 9.5 quake in Sumatraon December 26, 2004. Preceded by two magnitude
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      Christmas Hammer
      Will the Christmas Hammer strike this year? This title emerged after the 9.5 quake in Sumatra on December 26, 2004. Preceded by two magnitude 8+ quakes near Tasmania, near the S Pole, the Indo-Australian Plate lifted at the eastern end and allowed domino quakes to emerge around the world. The Indo-Australian Plate is considered the “brake” point, and when the brake is lifted, plate movements can proceed. This brake point was also the major factor in the start of the 7 of 10 plate movements toward the end of 2010. Pakistan sunk, permanently, in the Indus Valley at that time as the plate was tilted, and Australia’s rivers along its eastern coastline ran backwards, flooding inland. December has been a time or regular, exceptional quakes since Planet X arrived in the vicinity.

      Explanation 1/23/2005: What would cause a plate as large as the Indo/Australian plate to pop, springing from its lock of jagged rock all along its edges, miles deep and snagged in an infinite number of places resisting any motion at all? What force would cause these rock fingers to rupture along a 600 mile length along Sumatra?

      Explanation 1/21/2007: Great quakes that affect the globe in its entirety must first occur at one of the brake points in the global mesh of plates. For the Earth, this is primarily the point where the Indo-Australian plate dives under the Himalayas. The Himalayas, the highest mountains in the world, show how often this brake point has been hammered in the past.

      Prediction 12/4/2010: Enter the Christmas Hammer, the end of the Magnetic Trimester on December 17, the time frame of the great 9.5 Sumatra quake on December 26, 2004. Do our predictions that the 7 of 10 scenarios will occur prior to the end of 2010 have something to do with December as a month of magnetic changes affecting the magnetic dance between Planet X and the Earth? Yes!

      The Christmas Hammer has a relationship to the
      Magnetic Trimesters described by the Zetas because one of the trimesters ends on December 17.  Magnetic Trimesters are a major theme of crop circles and have recently been confirmed by NASA.

      ZetaTalk Explanation 12/30/2006: Since magnetism is viewed as polarized, a N Pole and a S Pole, with particles flowing from one to the other, the idea that there would be trimesters is confusing. We have explained that the Sun's magnetism reaches to the ends of the solar system and beyond, and dominates. Imagine the solar system itself aligned along a magnetic flow line of a larger field, which pulses. It is no accident that the Earth, a magnetic planet, is going round the Sun every 365 days or so, as the magnetic trimesters have something to do with this progression.

      Explanation 11/26/2011: The Christmas Hammer is caused in great part by the December switch in Magnetic Trimester which occurs at approximately December 17 on the Earth calendar.
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