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Bilderberger NeoColons

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  • muckblit
    Staring at Sax-Goatburgers has led Daniel Estulin to the following observations in his book, The True Story of the Bilderberg Group. They think we are more
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      Staring at Sax-Goatburgers has led Daniel Estulin to
      the following observations in his book, The True Story of
      the Bilderberg Group.

      They think we are more like hamsters than goats. Milner:

      "We must have an aristocracy[a useful idiot class or circle],
      not of privelage[but a Darwinian outer circle around the same
      old dot]...The solution does not lie in direct confrontation.
      We can defeat democracy because we understand the workings of
      the human mind, the mental hinterlands hidden behind the
      persona...redirected by literature and art[pro-pagan-da]"

      Bilderbergers see themselves as a darwinian meritocracy
      destined, by darwin as it were, to dominate the world
      through PSYWAR rather than direct confrontation. They
      continuously apply the Chinese proverb of pre-winning
      a war by psychological operations. (page 38, quoting
      Milner) They fear organized resistance(page 41) and
      decentralization of energy resources that could be
      used to generate electricity at a low cost(page 44).
      Free and near-free electricity would permit refining
      and metallurgy and thus de-centralized low-no-polluting
      auto and other manufacturing and housing materials
      production and remove the high price of diesel as a
      strategic tax. Given centralized energy, Bilderbergers
      would move on to suppress scientific invention, destroy
      industry, and reduce the middle class to real slavery
      commensurate to its current mental and psychological
      slavery. Brainwave alteration by TV and videogame will
      be succeeded by tasering of questioners. Questions will
      only be entertained at closed Bilderberg meetings, from
      one British empire neo-colon hired-archicalist hoe to

      The author gives us a progress report on that continuous
      indirect non-confrontational assault on the middle class.
      "Today's youth are almost completely ignorant". (page 43)
      They are ready to be all they can be as warriors of truth,
      brainwaves on beta mode, fighting to de-crypt alphanumerics
      in pictographic hieroglyphics mode, while the batteries last.

      Under cover of that darkness, the Bilderberger assault on
      separate national currencies in favor of one world currency
      goes on unabated, with George Soros attacking small economies
      all by himself, and concerted Bilderberger battles being
      waged on larger economies like Russia and the United States.
      Cyclical harvesting of non-conformist capital by Bilderberger
      manipulators would only escalate due to a capitulation of
      resistance. Looters do not like locks, and national currencies
      pose a firewalling compartmentalization that grieves a thief.

      Bilderbergers themselves are recruited by a prospective one
      world religion, that of Milton Friedman. Divine right of
      kings and Sax Goatburger be-knighting stems from their
      belief in the love of money as root of all good. They will
      kill you thinking they do darwin service. They will take
      your stuff. You will probably bow and salute because you
      still believe that the love of money is the root of all
      good. They have taught you well.

      Neo-colon (neo-colonialism). Bilderberg Moses comes down
      the mountain with a few crumbs from suppressed science to
      impress the primitive indigenous.

      are-you-expert thread starters throw out a softball:

      ruxpert "The Men Who Stare at Goats"
      ruxpert "what is the mission precisely?"
      ruxpert "Ok, but what is the mission more precisely?...
      so such & we can be held accountable to such, and so
      progress can be ascertained."

      Titles by Aquino(relating to "mission and progress" of Stargate,
      Goat staring, by extension Channon, and then Aquino's
      self-assessment of "mission and progress"), and even "mission
      and progress" of Temple of Set(those links not furnished here):

      http://www.xeper.org/maquino/nm/Proxemics.pdf ref: staring, spocking
      http://www.xeper.org/maquino/nm/Salamander.pdf ref: psychotronics,emf,infrasound
      http://www.xeper.org/maquino/nm/MindWar.pdf ref:pre-winning war, careerist path re strat psyop

      Titling of LTC M.A. Aquino, USA-Reserve:

      "Colby, William Egan
      1949 National Labor Relations Board
      1949 Military Intelligence Reserve"

      "Standard Form 513...Clinical Record...18 Oct 55...Dodds,
      Wm. H., Capt...Psy War Spec Forces...Fort Bragg"

      "SECRET...Each Reservist...The uniform will be as prescribed
      by parent service...the following two items of information should
      not be disclosed to dependents nor, unnecessarily, to other Agency
      personnel" -page 2, Memorandum for JF Reserve Officers, 10 May 62

      "exercise...using police military news media...against...
      neutralist trans-africa trade unionists" [bambi and hamsters]

      "Chapter Twenty-Five...Detention, 2004", Estulin, Bilderbergers

      "Chapter Fourteen...Psycho-Political Operations", Estulin, Bbgers.

      Our mission?

      They fear organized resistance and decentralization of energy
      resources that could be used to generate electricity.

      Our progress?

      "Total enslavement. Man-made famines that swept millions to
      their grave. Suffering, more suffering. Unspeakable, inhuman
      sacrifice. Why? Is it really possible that someone might want
      to inflict so much pain on the world for personal gain?...
      Bilderberg, of course, has become a metaphor for fear. Beneath
      its insanity, there is an understanding that time and space,
      like love and death, alter us and affirm us, cling to us and
      explore us. They include the irrevocable, and make us who we
      are." -Daniel Estulin, page 196, The True Story of the
      Bilderberg Group
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