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Rising Military Expenditure: The Coming U.S. Budget Attack

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  • ruxpert
    Rising Military Expenditure: The Coming U.S. Budget Attack By Shamus Cooke Global Research, November 8, 2009 The United States is moving backwards... fast.
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            Rising Military Expenditure: The Coming U.S. Budget Attack

            By Shamus Cooke
            Global Research, November 8, 2009

            The United States is moving backwards... fast. State budget cuts are
      decimating essential health and social services; public education is being
      destroyed; the social safety net is in tatters. To make matters worse, all
      of this is occurring when the loss of jobs stands at a twenty-six year high
      with no end in sight.

            But this is only phase one. The federal government intends to balance
      its books too, at the expense of society's neediest. Instead of governors
      presiding over painful cuts, the President will be doing the gutting. And
      although his proposed budget isn't due until February, the President's
      spokespeople are priming the media to play a major propaganda role in what
      will be a colossal blow against working and poor people.

            Obama's Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, has been particularly
      busy promoting the future cutbacks, repeating that "the country must live
      within its mean;" "deficits must be brought down dramatically" - something
      that will "require very hard choices."

            What are these hard choices? One possible option is no longer
      available. The biggest annual deficit producer is the U.S. military, which
      Obama will not radically reduce. Instead, he will increase it; Taxpayers
      will pay $660 billion (!) in 2010 toward the military. And maybe more -
      military commanders see more fighting in the future, not less; consequently,
      they want more money. The New York Times reports:

              "...Admiral. Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,
      did not say how much additional money would be needed, but one figure in
      circulation within the Pentagon and among outside defense budget analysts is
      $50 billion." (November 4, 2009).

            Senate Democrat John Murtha thinks only $40 billion extra will do the
      trick, making the military budget an even $700 billion for 2010.

            A different "hard choice" that could fix the deficit is to drastically
      raise taxes on the very wealthy. To this end, Obama has made the
      wholly-inadequate pledge to "roll back the Bush tax cuts." Taxing the
      super-rich an extra 4 percent isn't going to do the trick; not even close.
      At bare minimum, their taxes should be raised an additional 35 percent, to
      the pre-Regan level. But Obama would never propose such an idea.

            The solutions Obama has proposed are the ones that Geithner is
      actually referring to when he says "very hard choices." Last January, Obama
      told the conservative Washington Post that, to lower deficits, he would
      "reform entitlement programs" - social security, Medicare, etc. Reform in
      this case means to eliminate, or drastically reduce. The Washington Post


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