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Park Foreman Video -was: Rebuttal of Ace Baker's "Chopper 5 Composite" Analysis

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  • Mark S Bilk
    http://www.questionsquestions.net/WTC/WTC767images/WTCforemanzoom.mov That s the Park Foreman video, not Fairbanks footage as the link label says, which is a
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2007

      That's the Park Foreman video, not "Fairbanks footage" as the link
      label says, which is a typo. Eric knows these videos very well;
      he sent me several versions of both of them years ago!

      Here's a non-zoomed clip from the end of the video, showing the
      name of the photographer:


      I agree with your second thoughts, Ken.

      The plane was in the shadow of the smoke from WTC1 for a period
      in that video, when all that can be seen is a black silhouette.
      The appearance of the bright highlight may be the result of the
      plane's emergence from the shadow, and/or its turning so the
      sun was reflected into the camera, as you note.

      The height of the highlight is much greater than the height of
      the plane's passenger windows (if indeed it had them), as shown
      in these pictures:


      Apparently the video was shot from a moving vehicle, because
      parallax can be seen between the second building to the left of
      the green-peak-roof building, and the black cylindrical object
      in front of it.


      On Wed, Aug 01, 2007 at 05:21:30AM -0400, KenJenkins@... wrote:
      >In a message dated 7/31/07 10:28:07 PM, KenJenkins writes:
      >> To my trained eye, this brief reflection of sunlight along the side of the
      >> plane is strong evidence that this plane did in fact have a row of windows as
      >> would be normal on a 767 passenger model, and was therefore not a windowless
      >> tanker model as some have theorized.
      >Second thoughts - upon viewing the footage blown up bigger, it appears the
      >specular glint could be just the side of the plane lining up lengthwise with the
      >angle of the Sun, that is, the straight side of the cylinder of the majority
      >of the fuselage coming into the right angle to reflect towards the camera
      >position. That straight line surface would also have a narrow critical angle and
      >so also appear briefly during change of angle. It is very bright, which is
      >why I was thinking a larger surface like with flatter inner windows were prime
      >suspects, but speculars can be quite bright off a line surface with little
      >width, like the curved side of a large plane has.
      >At higher magnification, it looks like maybe that the glint is too low for
      >the windows. I think viewing higher rez footage could answer which theory is
      >more likely right, as far as which surface is causing the glint.
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