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    Are you Mad at Stupid Scammers? This is the Best Way to SCREW & TERRORIZE Them! ... (Sample reply) Subject: (add to their line or replace with) I am looking
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      Are you Mad at Stupid Scammers?
      This is the Best Way to SCREW & TERRORIZE Them!
      (Sample reply)
      (add to their line or replace with) 
      I am looking forward to hearing from you!
      Hi! (name of Scammer) ,

      Since you won't give up, I accept.
      Please send some Money, let's say $ 10,000 USD
      to me as a gesture of your goodwill and honesty.

      If you do this,
      I will gladly help you as a gesture of my goodwill,
      to launder your excess cash or any other
      economic shennanigans you desire.

      Don't expect me to show up in person
      so I can be tricked, and used for body parts.

      My liver is rotting, my lungs are cancerous,
      I have little chest pains on left side
      my vision is sometimes blurred,
      and I am deaf in one ear
      and I can't hear out of the other,
      my legs and shoulders creak, as the result of 4 Accidents
      (3 times hit by cars from behind, while on bicycle
      + once left foot run over by a van) -        (actually true!)

      so I don't think I am worth much in Body Parts,
      but $ 10,000 USD should adequately cover
      your potential profit if you tried to use me that way.
      Actually Chinese Falun Gong prisoner Body Parts
      are probably cheaper and easier to get.

      I am looking forward to hearing from you!
      ( add YOUR NAME)
      METHOD to Finding 
      SCAMMER'S IP # and real addresses
      To Find Original IP of Scammer
      Look in an EXPANDED Header (set E-M for it)
      Copy IP Address (Example- X-Originating-IP: []  )

      ARIN WHOIS Database Search

      Search ARIN WHOIS for: Need Help?
      Insert number sequence, then Press Search WHOIS button
      Near bottom of new Page click Whois
      (Find line)
      Comment:    the ???? database at http://www.???.net/whois
      Reinsert orig IP #
      You should get Readout of SENDER.
      Sometimes some certain divisions won't give a URL Line,
      But LOOK Carefully for (non-link) approximating
      -  whois://whois.something.net
      Take everything to Right of ://
      Add to Your Address line - http://
      Then Place IP # in Whois search box
      Look down result page and find PERSON
      to see the Scoundrel's ACTUAL E-M and physical address
      If you want to Scare and get Perpetrator Shutdown by IP
      send letters to the ABUSE addresses listed
      in the TO: and CC: boxes
      If you want to,
      hide ABUSE addresses in BCC:
      ant they won't know!!!
      Happy Hunting !
      If Enough of us do This
      They Will GO BERSERK
      and be Shut DOWN by their IPs !!
      They are the Mice.
      We can be the CATS!
      Dysfunctional Bush Bumperstickers:
      Support the BUSH - 30% MAJORITY!
      97% of Sunnis and 66% of Shias
             Want U.S. to Stay!
      Patriot Act 5 Disclaimer Notice:
      This post and all my past and future posts
      represent Parody and Satire and are all intended
      for Entertainment and Amusement purposes Only.

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      Get your game face on with the latest PS3 news and previews at Yahoo! Games.
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