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Re: [cia-drugs] ***Action Alert***Educating Elizabeth @ "The View"

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  • Arlene Johnson
    Don t expect too much truth to be disseminated from The View. Barbara Walters is a member of the CFR, and ABC, the network on which The View airs, is
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 1, 2007
      Don't expect too much truth to be disseminated from The View.
      Barbara Walters is a member of the CFR, and ABC, the network
      on which The View airs, is controlled by CFR members too.

      Is this Elizabeth Elizabeth Dole? If not, what is her last name?


      Arlene Johnson
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      Subject: [cia-drugs] ***Action Alert***Educating Elizabeth @ "The View"

      OMG...You should have seen "The View" today...Did they get down...Bless that Joy's heart "again"...Joy actually called the guilty & corrupt enemy working against our people>>>"criminals and murderers"
      I certainly hope they give her no backlash in demanding apology as they did Rosie when she first spoke out with truth on "The View", concerning religion & it's connection, to all we're up against
      If they try, I believe the ladies of "The View" will hold their own & the good hearted, common sensed & thinking people of America will be right behind them...
      Many in Hollywood and on many differing fronts have called (((them))) the same so Joy's in good company
      She confronted the beautiful Elizabeth in asking why she supports the bush administration, too...That was awesome
      For a moment I thought Elizabeth was coming around when it was revealed about another cover up concerning just how many injured Vets there really are
      Elizabeth said she'd be investigating into the facts of this story and if it's true she'd examine her view on supporting the bush administration. ..I hope she does...
      Of the four on that panel with Barbara Walters voicing truth as pertaining to the corrupt embedded within our government & in the administration, too>>>Elizabeth is the hold out
      When she awakens what a great day that will be
      Little soft spoken and good at heart Elizabeth will have such a big impact on America that her name will become a house hold word...I just bet...
      I bet on her helping to save "US" because when good people hear truth nowadays something clicks & they recognize it for what it is
      I hope Elizabeth  knew when wonderful Rosie O'Donnel was spewing out truth that when she associated the word ignorance with Elizabeth that it wasn't an insult
      The word "ignorant" means void of facts and that's all Elizabeth lacks...I do hope she researches more than that one story & fast
      I'm writing you because I thought maybe you'd know some great links we could send Elizabeth to help educate her in the areas needed...
      I don't want to overwhelm her because the crap of it goes deep...But the basics would be a good beginning so she can learn what we are all up against & must fight...
      We need help Elizabeth to mature in truth
      We need her on the moral and correct side of humanity...There' s no political terms to it...Elizabeth has been brainwashed very effectively like most of the rest of us and still believes in such things as political terms...Such as "the infamous left & right"...When really it's all just about what's right opposed to wrong, only
      You can write all three of the ladies except Rosie at "The View" website...I wish we could write to Rosie...You can google Rosie's Blog, though...Please send Elizabeth good links...Here' s their website...>>>
                                                       INVITATION TO>>>
                                        "The We The People United Movement"
      In these dire & dangerous times we must stick together...What' s going on at other lists, groups or forums touch us all in a rippling effect
      No matter what group, issue or matter you represent>>>"United We Can Stand" but if we stay divided we will fall, for sure...We're all related & connected by our same enemy responsible for all our dilemmas and problems>>>The corrupt powers that be  who oppress and suppress us all
      We are many and have hundreds of sister groups, too...We are over 1000 at our original forum you are being invited to and most are group owners...Many radio show hosts are with us...VIP's from all walks of life putting differences aside enough to work together on the important things we do agree on...This to make the needed changes and secure America's future as well as the whole planet's
      Please join activists & patriots to help "US" take Back our country>>>
      "We The People United Movement"
      We are many Political and Patriot Groups joining together, to help right the wrongs in America..."United We Will Stand"
      Our website under construction that belongs to "We The People" from everywhere.. .Soon we will be loading all the groups who stand with "US" and hope to be adding yours too
      >>> Click here: Home Page

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